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Mother’s Day Surprise: Lily and Zach Attack

This video highlights one of TBLL’s amazing ambassadors, Sarah Portillo. She put on a surprise event at Children’s Hospital Colorado for all of the moms that are spending Mother’s Day weekend at the hospital. With the help of friends and family, she was able to put together over 100 gift bags to give away as well as a flash mob. It was a very heart warming day! You’re an inspiration,... read more

The New School Of Life

  TBLL Founder, Kenyon Salo, decided to pull his two kids, Eli and Erin, out of school for a day to go on a series of adventures to teach them important lessons about life. We hope this inspired you to skip work for a day, surprise your kids, and live your bucket list life for a day. Be spontaneous, help others, and create an amazing shared... read more

Welcome To The Bucket List Life 2015

We’d like to give a big warm welcome from all of our amazing members of Team Bucket List Life. Enjoy the community everyone! If you haven’t already, connect with us in our private facebook group of 1300+ members. You can also find us on Instagram: @InstaBucketListLife As well as Twitter: @BucketListLife Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more... read more

Random Act Of Kindness: Gift Card Challenge

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a huge impact on someone else’s day. Small acts of kindness can change the world. TBLL’s Alex Kiziah and Kyler Knutson were given a gift card from a friend to spend on themselves. They decided to spend the card on people that actually need it and are proposing a challenge for you to do the same!... read more

Can She Convince A Stranger To Go Scuba Diving?

One of our amazing ambassadors, Sierra, wanted to help a stranger cross Scuba Diving off their bucket list down in Honduras…would you say yes? Similar videos that inspired Sierra to go on this adventure: Lani Gelera – Stranger Bungee Jump Kenyon Salo – Stranger Skydive Again, huge shoutout to Sierra Dawn Preston! You rock. Keep leading the way and living The Bucket List... read more

Nahko and Medicine for the People Exclusive Soundcheck Experience

Nahko and Medicine for the People are an amazing group of musicians that are changing the world. Their messages about positivity and saving the planet are powerful. The Bucket List Life™ wanted to help spread their message by surprising two people with tickets to his sold out show at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado during his Water is Life Tour. When Madison House Inc. heard about what we were doing, they wanted to help and gave our two winners access to a once in a lifetime experience of witnessing Nahko and Medicine for the People’s soundcheck. Big Congratulations to Our amazing winners: Adoree Faul and Elle Beau Special Thanks to Nadia Prescher from Madison House Inc. for helping make this happen! Love the video? Want to be the star of our next story? Be sure to connect with our community so that you can attend future events with us! Interested in working with us to create a powerful video? Click Here To Contact Us About... read more

Flips, Dodgeball, And Bull Riding At Jump Street!

The Bucket List Life™ crew went to Jumpstreet trampoline park in Lakewood, Colorado…and had a blast! The little minions running around schooled us in dodgeball, but we showed them how it’s done when it comes to bull riding. Love the video? Want to be part of our next adventure? Be sure to connect with our community so that you can attend future events with... read more

5 Lucky Guests Spend The Day With A Wine Oenologist

The Bucket List Life™ arranged for 5 lucky participants to spend the day with wine oenologist, Michael Hasler, at his incredible winery, What We Love. The Winery, in Boulder, Colorado. The day was filled with delicious wine, story-telling, and a plethora of knowledge on the wine making process. It was an amazing experience and the participants were presented with a special TBLL surprise at the end! If this video resonated with you and you’re interested in creating a similar video with us to help share your story for your passion or business: Click Here To Contact Us About Partnerships If you’d like to be considered for our next event at the incredible What We Love winery, then please sign up for our event list. For more information on What We Love. The Winery, check out their... read more

What Your Grandma Really Wanted To Say To You

The Bucket List Life™ spent the day at Bross Street Assisted Living to learn more about life from several sagacious women. This experience left us in a moment of reflection after spending the day interviewing these wonderful old ladies to gain insight from their shared experiences. Now call your Grandma/Mother after watching this video and tell her you love her. If this video resonated with you and you’re interested in creating a similar video with us to help share your story for your passion or business: Click Here To Contact Us About Partnerships “Live right now. This is what’s important. Right now. The past you can’t do anything about except a lot of forgiving. The future, who knows. Right now, do the best you can.” -Peggy... read more

A Bucket List Life Christmas 2014

Special Thanks to those who backed our campaign and made this bucket list item a reality: Stephen Mullennex, Matt Rockwell, Laura Hoffman, Barbara Kiziah, Melissa Erdemir, Derek Parks, Jason McDonald, Samantha Fortner, Carrie Kizuka, Lani Gelera, Alex Kiziah, Linda Robinson, Joseph Fraser, Emily Daines, Andrew Fraser, Emily Myers, Sarah Portillo, and Damon Hill. No child should be left without a present this holiday season and that’s exactly what we set out to solve. 1 in 5 children in the US live in poverty… For these children the holidays can be a heartbreaking time. While their peers may be enjoying extravagant meals, or new toys, they are left behind – forgotten. For reasons they can’t comprehend they will not have the chance to experience these things. The Bucket List Life wanted to change that. We raised funds from our Indiegogo Campaign to buy as many presents as possible for the foster children of Kids Crossing in Colorado. The Bucket List Life crew along with local contributors dressed up as Christmas characters, shopped for the needed gifts, wrapped them at an epic party, and delivered the presents to the kids with style. If this video resonated with you and you’re interested in creating a similar video with us to help share your story for your passion or business: Click Here To Contact Us About... read more

The Bucket List Life Showreel 2014

2014 has been an epic year for The Bucket List Life, with many more adventures to come! Our goal: We’re on a mission to help you create a successful life from your passion. We started from a belief that there is a paradigm shift in how and why people want to help others. As we constantly improve our systems, tools, and experiences for everyone that links arms with us, we become a greater community. We are all collectively changing the world and helping others live the lives which they have only written down or dreamed. Like our showreel? Then don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome adventures from the team. Want to be a part of the team moving forward? We’re always looking for motivated and passionate people to help us spread the brand. If you’re interested, apply to become an ambassador and we’ll get in touch with you to see how we can best utilize your... read more

Paralyzed by Fear of Heights, 11yr Old Attempts to Conquer Them in One Day

Kenyon Salo and The Bucket List Life decided to help an awesome 11 year old conquer his fear of heights! Climbing, slacklining, and helicopter rides…all in one day. Definitely something someone afraid of heights would never think of doing on their own. Watch as he struggles with his fear throughout the day but bravely overcomes every obstacle like a champ! This story is proof that you can overcome any fear. Sometimes you just need a little push over the edge. Special thanks to the Robinson family in addition to the amazing people that made this happen: The Spot Bouldering Gym Josh Beaudoin – Slackline Industries Nathan Roth – iFLY Instructor Chase Pucket – Helicopter Pilot Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome adventures from the team. Be sure to like, subscribe, and engage! Who knows, you might just be in our next... read more

Can She Convince A Stranger To Go Bungee Jumping On The Spot?

Ambassador Lani Gelera was inspired by Kenyon Salo’s stranger skydiving and decided to take to the streets to find a lucky stranger to cross bungee jumping off their bucket list! Special thanks to Whistler Bungee Jumping, Lani Gelera, and Katy Venters for making this happen! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome adventures from the team and our... read more

Wrestling Alligators With Colorado Gator Reptile Park

Team Bucket List Life visited Colorado Gators in Alamosa, Colorado to wrestle alligators. This reptile rescue has a strong focus on educating the public on the dangers of owning pet alligators and use “gator wrestling” as a way to catch injured animals so that they can be properly treated. So Epic! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome adventures from the team and our ambassadors! Check out some of the epic gator shots from our adventure below: Image 1: TBLL Team Member, Stuart Bate, does the “chin trick” with Bertha, the 400 lb. beast of an... read more

Mesoamerican Barrier Reef Shark Dive With Sierra Dawn Preston

Ambassador Sierra Dawn Preston went diving with sharks off the coast of Roatán, Honduras recently! Sharks are fascinating creatures that are too often misunderstood. Not only are they awesome but they are also one of the oldest living creatures to exist on the planet. Sadly, 20-30% of shark species are close to extinction. SHARKS RULE so donate to the cause here. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome adventures from the team and our... read more

Kids’ Bucket Lists

A couple weeks ago, Sarah Portillo asked her son what was on his bucket list! This inspired her to go out into the world and find out what’s on other kids’ bucket lists. Watch is wander around Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado and interview these cute little kids. We promise you’ll love it because their answers are absolutely adorable! Have suggestions for future adventures? If so, please contact us here and submit your ideas for future videos. Who knows, we might just be knocking on your door next to help you cross off your bucket... read more

Team Member Adam LaPlante Surprises Dad With First Ever Drumming Lessons

Adam LaPlante, one of the awesome team members here at The Bucket List Life, recently took up drum lessons and loved it so much that he decided to surprise his Dad with drum lessons during a recent Father-Son bonding visit. Drum lessons has always been on George LaPlante’s bucket list and now he can cross it off thanks to Adam! It’s heart-warming, funny, and just plain awesome! We’d like to give a big thanks to Larry Bennett from the Boulder Drum Studio for making this... read more

Can We Convince A Stranger To Go Skydiving On The Spot?

  Kenyon Salo, founder of The Bucket List Life, goes on a mission in Boulder, Colorado to find one lucky stranger who will commit to jumping out of a plane for their very first time – right there on the spot. Can he do it? Usually, people avoid checking off their bucket list items because of money or time. When those road blocks are removed, who will have the guts to commit to their very first skydive when asked? Watch to find out and be sure to like and subscribe so you don’t miss out on our future adventures! Also, we’d like to give a big thanks to Maddie Baker for being brave enough to commit to her first skydive on the spot! And of course, another big thank you to her parents for letting her go on this awesome... read more

Superheroes Rappel Off Children’s Hospital Colorado

After winning her battle with cancer, Hallie Wastell wanted to bring joy to kids stuck in the hospital by getting superheroes to rappel down the side. With the help of the Aurora SWAT Team, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Kenyon, her dream became a reality! Our most impactful video yet. Seeing the smiles on those kids faces and helping Hallie’s dream come true is something we will never forget. Please share if this video impacted you in a positive way.... read more

Giving Money To The Homeless With Magic And An Inspiring Message Revealed.

Making an impact on someone else’s life doesn’t have to be difficult. We hope this inspires you to make the world a better place. “I honestly believe…what you put out there is what you get back” ~ Charles. Charles was once a stockbroker on Wall Street turned homeless and this small magical donation allowed him to pay his co-pay for his insulin. The takeaway here? It’s not hard to make an impact on someone’s life and you never know just how big of an impact that will... read more

So We Built A Castle And Cheered Strangers On. What A Day!

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, The Bucket List Life crew built a castle and spread joy through the kingdom of Boulder, Colorado. This is their story. Wanna see more awesome Bucket List Life videos? Then don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for future content. Thanks for your support and feel free to share ideas with us for our next video by contacting us here. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the... read more

Ultimate Home Depot X-Men Tube Battle!

Some of you may be familiar with a bucket list item we posted a while back on our fan page. It looked a little something like this… Well…we decided to try this one out for ourselves. Check it out! Follow the founder of The Bucket List Life where he accepts a challenge from a meme photo floating around on Facebook. So many people said they wanted to do it…few actually followed through.... read more

Free Hugs on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO

“Free hugs. Free. Hugs. Who doesn’t like free? Better yet, who doesn’t like free when it comes with a hug from someone not creepy. Creepy is relative though. I definitely chased some people down and forced a hug on them. I told them they would thank me later. That may or may not have been creepy. I’m not in jail, so I’m going to go with “not creepy.” This all started 8-ish years ago when the free hugs video came out. I didn’t see it until a couple of years later and since then I wanted to be apart of it. I kept telling my self every 8 months or so, “soon. Find the perfect place and do it.” But the reality was, I was more afraid of the rejection and failure of the project than anything so I continually put it off. So I connected with The Bucket List Life and they helped pick a day, set a time and we did the damn thing. I had one goal of finding that one person who needed a hug more than anything and be the person to change their whole day. I achieved that goal and so much more. I started with an arbitrary number of 25 hugs or something to that effect and quickly surpassing that goal, we kept walking. I will not forget this one lady who came running at me to give a hug. I thought she was running away! But the person who had the biggest effect on me was a woman who gave me a hug and said “thank you…I needed that” with tears... read more

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