The Bucket List Life Podcast Shownotes

Each of our guests has a unique story to share which may inspire you to create new experiences you may otherwise have never considered.

65: How To Quit Working with Entrepreneur Jeff Steinmann

“’How to Quit Working.’ isn’t about not doing anything…it’s about doing something you enjoy so much it’s not work.” – Jeff Steinmann The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #65 – Entrepreneur Jeff Steinmann Our next guest on episode #65 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo is a gentleman who went through a time in his life when he felt stuck and was having trouble getting out of it. He eventually was able to find a way, to make the leap, Mr. Jeff Steinmann. That leap led him to the creation of the popular website ‘How to Quit Working.’ Think about it, do we really want to quit working? Or do we want to do that thing we are passionate about and get paid for it? There is a way! There is an entire community and movement that have been created to help people make this dream come true. Let’s find out why Jeff calls himself a ‘Freedom Fanatic’ and is fiercely devoted to finding a better way to “do life”. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:25  Jeff takes us back to when he was on the same life course almost all of us have taken, going to high school, then college where you are some how supposed to figure out what it is you want to do for the next 45 years – when you have never even tried it. Jeff couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do and bounced around college for 13 years. He didn’t have anything he cared about enough to work towards. He settled into the computer tech business doing systems... read more

64: The True Alchemy of Wine with What We Love The Winery

“For me wine is really just a metaphor for what life can be, of how we can join together… my bucket list item is really finding that sense of communion within myself and other people.” – Michael Hasler The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #63 – What We Love Winery  In the studio, on this episode #64 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, we are honored to have three guests with us. Along with Kenyon, they were part of a delectable experience that took place at ‘What We Love The Winery’ (WWLW) in Boulder, CO. in February of this year. The winery opened its doors to 5 guests from The Bucket List Life as part of an opportunity for these wine enthusiasts to check off an item from their buckets lists, to learn what it’s like to make some of the most phenomenal wine on the planet. Two of today’s guests are the owners of What We Love The Winery, Carolee Corey and her husband Michael Hasler. The third guest is one of the members of The Bucket List Life who was one of the lucky five guests, Linnea Lewis. They will share this fascinating experience with us, with a special twist thrown in!. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:10  Michael shares with us how WWLW came to be. It all started with a passion for wine making. At age 14 Michael had a mate in Sydney Australia that used to make wine with a relative. Michael didn’t have a direction yet, but decided he wanted to try his own hand at making wine. His first... read more

SPECIAL EDITION: The Story of One Boy’s Wish That Changed The World with Make-A-Wish Founder Frank Shankwitz

“I always kind of hope that those wings help him go straight to heaven”– Frank Shankwitz The Bucket List Life Podcast SPECIAL EDITION: Make-A-Wish Founder Frank Shankwitz On this, a Special Edition of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, We meet a person who changed a boy’s life. A boy named Chris, that more than anything wanted to be a Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officer. This gentleman was able to come in and make this wish come true. Our guest tells us how, with the help of many wonderful willing people, he was able to brighten this child’s life before the boy passed.  He, along with his wife Kitty and several others, founded The Make-A-Wish Foundation in November of 1980. What is truly phenomenal is 33 years later they are able to grant a wish, somewhere around the world, approximately every 38 minutes. He is here to share with us the story that started it all, the man who just wanted to make a difference and help others, Frank Shankwitz. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:00  Frank shares the touching story that started this preeminent organization. He takes us back to 1980 when Frank was an Arizona Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officer. They were just starting to gain popularity due to a TV show called “CHIPs”, which stands for ‘California HIghway Patrol’ about motorcycle highway patrol officers in California. Frank was contacted by another officer that said he had befriended a family that had a seven year old son named Chris, whose heroes were ‘Ponch and John’ from ‘CHIPs’. Chris was suffering from Leukemia and had no more than 2... read more

63: Take Back Control of Your Life with Author/Speaker April Capil

“…that’s what a bucket list does, it gives you a check list and says yes, I did this. I took control over that and I made it happen!” – April Capil The Bucket List Life Podcast #63 – Author/Speaker April Capil Our next guest on episode #63 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is a cancer survivor, an author and a YouTuber who used a bucket list to climb her way back to a new normal after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 35. Statistics told her that she had a 1 in 3 chance of not making it 5 years without a cancer reoccurrence. She made a list of 40 things she wanted to complete before she reached the age of 40 which included a road trip across the U.S., running a NY Marathon, and  perfecting her own chocolate chip cookie recipe. In five years she beat the odds, completed her list and found ways of helping others along the way. Let’s meet the inspirational April Capil. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:55  April takes us back to when she was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer in 2008. She had gone to multiple doctors that told her women often had lumps and she even got a negative reading on a mammogram. A doctor finally did a biopsy. When she woke she found out that she had stage 3 cancer. She was devastated because she had just moved to Hawaii to start a farm and had a small internet sales business – she had her life planned. She... read more

62: The Satisfaction of Serving with The Human Project Co-Founder, Wesley D. Chapman

“The simplest way to start feeling better is to serve your fellow man, serve your community.” – Wesley Chapman The Bucket List Life Podcast #62 – The Human Project Co-Founder, Wesley D. Chapman On this, episode #62 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, we meet a man who works with hundreds of youths and adults on a monthly basis helping them move from where they are now to where they want to be. At the age of 1 he was abandoned by his father, at the age of 6 ½ he was abandoned by his mother. He tried to commit suicide 12 times by his 16th birthday. Wesley Chapman is a survivor that suffered unimaginable abuse and is now on a mission to be of service to more than 25 million people. He was an entrepreneur at 8, self-sufficient by 16 and was consulting with the CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies at the age of 19. Wesley founded ‘A Human Project’, a for-purpose 501(c)(3) with a mission to create a community of empowered youth. He is also the co-founder of ‘Super Human Life’, a program designed to ensure ultimate understanding of ones true potential. His life experiences have prepared him for what is now his greatest mission, creating a world of hope. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:00  Wesley warns us that in able to understand his outlook on his project ‘Super Human Life’, it may take a huge mind shift. He tells us if we don’t want to hate him before he has a chance to explain his beliefs, we should go to his website read more

61: Five Steps To Finding The Mentor For You with Entrepreneur Geoff Woods

“…when you start helping others and you see them accelerate in their path and they progress in their path because of your direct efforts, it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.”  – Geoff Woods The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #61 – Entrepreneur Geoff Woods Welcome to episode #61 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo. Our next guest has a story that will resonate with most of our listeners and is a testament to how who you surround yourself with has a dramatic influence on the trajectory of your life. Geoff Woods will assist us in learning how to find the ideal mentor(s) that will accelerate us on our right path. Geoff has a clear idea of what he wants in life and has a strong desire to teach each and every one of us how to accomplish the same thing. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:15  Geoff tells us what he has been working diligently on growing the audience for his podcast “The Mentee.” His main goal is trying to help other people. “…when you start helping others and you see them accelerate in their path and they progress in their path because of your direct efforts, it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.” 3:45  Geoff explains that “The Mentee” Podcasts is his way of sharing his journey from ‘Employee to Entrepreneur’ and pressing record on the conversations with the mentors in his life. It all started while he was happily working in the medical devise sales business. Not only did he enjoy it but it provided an amazing... read more

60: Co-Creating Moments That Matter w/PlumDeluxe Founder Andy Hayes

“I want to give people permission to choose things that they really want and not the things that the marketers, and advertisers, your friends, colleagues and well-meaning family members tell you to choose.” – Andy Hayes The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #60 – Founder of Andy Hayes Moments. Our next guest on this, episode #60 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, truly understands what it means to ‘Make Moments Matter’. Andy Hayes is the founder and creator of, which is a website that teaches us that life, happens moment by moment. He is a master tea blender, a published author and a public speaker. His company is based out of one of the countries most appealing cities, Portland Oregon. Let’s listen and learn why Andy tells us “… no matter what your circumstances, you can choose to create moments that matter, every day.” Highlights on their podcast conversation: 2:15  Kenyon starts by asking Andy to share a moment in recent history that stands out in his mind. Andy tells us that he arranged his busy schedule so he could take a long regenerative walk in the sun, along a meandering river. That may seem simple to some but he tells us that it’s “… a nice reminder that some of the things that feel best to us are not that complicated. So there is no excuse to not make time for that.” 6:35  Andy shares the “Plum Deluxe” story. He started out as a very successful, happy guy with a technology/IT background. He loved the huge projects until a couple of corporate acquisitions... read more

59: Doing Green Business with Ethical Marketing Expert Shel Horowitz

“I think the desire to leave the world better than you find it is as basic a drive as needing to eat, needing shelter, needing a job… I think it’s a basic human need.”  – Shel Horowitz The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #59 – Ethical Marketing Expert Shel Horowitz Shel Horowitz , our next guest on episode #59 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is a strategist for green and social conscience businesses. Currently he is working to show businesses how to profit by solving hunger, war, poverty, and catastrophic climate change. He has also given a TED Talk on this subject. He is a best-selling primary-author of ‘Guerilla Marketing Goes Green’ and has written seven other books, and he is currently working on his 9th. He has more than 40 years in the green/activist and business world. Let’s listen and find out why Shel is so enthusiastic about the vital work he has chosen to dedicate his life to. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:15   One of the most unique experiences in Shel’s life? Having the cover of his book ‘Guerilla Marketing Goes Green’ flashing across one of the 6 story electronic billboards in New York City’s Time Square! He admits the payoff was more in terms of creditability than it is in sales. But how many people are able to say this is something they have accomplished in their lives? 4:15   What exactly does Shel do? “I work on business profitability, especially for green businesses, for social change businesses, and for authors and publishers.”  He works with people to look for opportunities to... read more

58: Choosing Passion Before Paycheck with Adventurer Of The Year, Gavin McClurg

“One of the things that we saw again and again in third world countries… was community and joy, which is different from happiness.  You see people that have so much gratitude in their lives for the things that are really important.” – Gavin McClurg The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #58 – National Geographic Adventurer of The Year – Gavin McClurg Our next guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo episode #58 has lived at sea for 13 years and circumnavigate the globe almost twice!  Gavin McClurg was recognized with the prestigious award of National Geographic Adventurer Of The Year for a ground breaking Paragliding Expedition he did across the Canadian Rockies and currently holds the North American foot launch record for cross-country non-motorized paragliding for a total of 240 miles. Gavin has dreamed up and lived some impossible adventures, traveled to more than 90 countries and with no plans of slowing down, he wants to share those experiences with our audience today.   Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:00 Gavin describes what it was like to be the first to fly his Paraglider across the sand dunes of Mozambique called Dune Du Pyla. 5:30  Most of the time when Gavin refers to “we” in his travels, he is talking about himself and his boat.  Gavin describes who else was in the picture of his adventure and travels for the past 13 years. He’s set up his company Offshore Odyssey with his wife, Jody Macdonald, and has been able to fund their travels and sailing around the globe with clients that become like family on their journey.  7:00... read more

57: Believing In Your Own Powers with Psychic Medium Corbie Mitleid

“If I can get you to laugh but you still think I’m normal enough to borrow my lawnmower, I’m doing the right thing!” – Corbie Mitleid The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #57 – Psychic Medium Corbie Mitleid Our next guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo episode #57 has been dancing on the mystics path for over 40 years.  Corbie Mitleid is a full-time Psychic Medium, an inspirational speaker and teacher with an international clientele.  She has been featured in books, on radio talk shows and on television. She has done the “cancer dance” three times and has come through it all better off. Corbie loves to help people by giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions and show them how they can cross their own bridge from fear to fearlessness. Corbie is funny! She has an amazing energy, a way with words, a lot of insight and some powerful stories to share.  Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:20 Corbie tells us all about her ‘travel channel’ life on the road and some of the mediumship readings and experiences she had at the Psychic Fair in Syracuse that she attended this past weekend. 4:45 Corbie explains some of the most common misnomers that she hears from others in reaction to hearing about what she does for a living.  She professes that never reads people that she was not invited to read. She does not believe in the ‘drive-by psychic reading.’  She is never going to tell you that you are cursed, you have bad luck or that your life is screwed up.  Corbie says... read more

56: Carpe Diem with Transformational Coach Victoria Melchor

“I know that one person that I help is going to be a ripple of hope for another person and that other person will also be a ripple of hope.”– Victoria Melchor The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #56 – Victoria Melchor Our next guest on episode #56 The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo is Victoria Melchor. After receiving bad medical news, Victoria looked inside for answers, which led her to what she calls “Living life from the inside out.” She has learned to take charge of her life and live a life that she loves. First she was determined she would have the perfect morning, which led to the perfect day and from there she learned she could have a perfect life. Victoria focuses on Transformational and Mindset coaching and helps others live the life they desire by connecting and removing the mental and emotional blocks that are holding them back. She is close to finishing her first book, an autobiography, about what she has learned through travel and introspection of her day-to-day life. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:30  We learn that Victoria’s mother and grandmother both had breast cancer. She doesn’t, but testing showed that she is genetically predisposed and has the gene. This means that there is a much, much higher risk of  her contracting this disease in her life time, than the average woman. It felt like a death sentence to Victoria. She was understandably devastated by this news and while visiting her oncologist she was told that what she had been given was not a death sentence but a life sentence.... read more

55: The Quest For Adventure Through Philanthropy with Author Jeff Rasley

“To have a truly good life you have to take good care of yourself and you have to help others in need when you can.” – Jeff Rasley The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #55 – Philanthro-Trekker & Author Jeff Rasley Jeff Rasley, our next guest on episode #55 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, made the leap from his career, a very successful 30 years as an attorney with his own practice, to a satisfying non-profit endeavor at age 55. He is the president of one foundation and serves on the board of five other nonprofit organizations. In his forties a midlife crisis started to rise to the surface and his very supportive wife suggested he go trekking in the Himalayas. As a result of the lessons learned from that journey, Jeff  has written 40+ articles and 8 books about combining adventure with philanthropy (he calls it ‘philanthro-trekking’) and what it takes to live a meaningful life. He also teaches classes on the culture of Nepal, living a meaningful life and philanthropy at Butler University. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:05  Jeff  practiced law for 30 years. He had a general practice because he wanted to be of assistance and do what ever his clients needed. There was a sense of fulfillment for a while as a legal crusader. He went into corporate law and opened his own law firm but he had believed from an early age “life should be an adventure.” 8:05  Jeff felt agitation and unhappiness. On the surface he had a great life but he felt internal discontent. At 40 his... read more

54: Stumbling Forward For The Win with Basketball Star & Motivational Speaker Jesse LeBeau

“You have to take 100% responsibility for your life…your attitude, your own personal attitude, is going to be the key to success or failure in your own life.” – Jesse LeBeau The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #54 – Jesse LeBeau In this, episode #54 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, we meet the inspiring Jesse LeBeau. At an early age he became one of the premier basketball trick artists in the world. As his name grew he began appearing in commercials, TV shows and movies with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. His experiences led him to write a book “Among the Giants”, which hit the best sellers’ list. He is also known as “The Teen Coach”. He travels around the world inspiring kids and shares his underdog journey, growing up on a remote island in Alaska where basketball wasn’t the easy route to take. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:35  We learn that Jesse had a passion for basketball as a kid. He saw a movie about Pistol Pete Maravich and it inspired him. Not that pursuing basketball on a remote Alaskan island was easy when he had to take a boat to school everyday and it was usually dark, rainy and cold. It may have been out of the ordinary but it led him on a path to follow his dreams. 6:50  Jesse realizes that he is never going to be in the NBA and playing overseas didn’t pay much but he was not going to give up on his dreams. He decided he wanted to do commercials and movies.... read more

53: Dedicating Yourself To Your Passion with Sommelier Jorn Kleinhans

“If you don’t dedicate yourself full-time in anything that really interests you, you will likely not be able to fully dive into it and fully experience it…” – Joey Kleinhans The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #53 – Wine Sommelier Joey Kleinhans Our next guest on episode #53 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, launched The Wine Elite Sommelier Company in 2012. Jorn (Joey) Kleinhans is an international wine expert and pioneer in creating highly acclaimed sommelier guided wine tasting experiences for corporate events, top hotels and wine connoisseurs. He is a certified sommelier and wine judge and he and his team have provided event programs and consulting for Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of casual and serious wine students. Joey is an expert contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Market Watch and The Robb Report. An investment manager turned wine expert, Joey chose an alternative life plan and followed his passion. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:25  Joey tells us why it is difficult to describe what he does for a living. “If you invent your own thing or perhaps launch your own industry or innovate, it is often not easy to define what you’re doing as evolving.” He gives us three descriptions “that make sense.” 7:25  Joey moved to the U.S. from Germany at the age of 25, as a Fulbright Scholar. He studied mathematics, worked as an investment manager and retired at 35. What does retirement mean to him in this instance? 10:10  “If you don’t dedicate yourself full-time in anything that really interests you, you will likely not... read more

52: Lessons Learned From Dying Three Times with Author Robert Kopecky

“…really important, really critical things can be happening in every moment of our life and we need to pay attention, we need to approach life with the kind of presence that will allow the importance of any given moment to take its rightful place…” – Robert Kopecky The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #52 – Author Robert Kopecky In this, episode #52 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, we meet the author of the book How to Survive Life and Death, A Guide to Happiness in This World and Beyond, Robert Kopecky. Robert has lived a fascinating life as a beach bum, martial artist, factory welder, monumental sculpture fabricator, an underground cartoonist, award-winning illustrator, Emmy nominated art director and animation designer for shows you have probably seen on the Cartoon Network and PBS Kids. His journeys around the world were punctuated not by one or two, but three “Near Death Experiences.” These led Robert to 10 years of study, meditation and service and to his unique transpersonal realizations about life and death. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:05  Robert shares the almost unbelievable course of his life that has led him to self-realization. 5:45  Robert tells us about his first Near Death Experience (NDE) in a single car accident. “I was completely disembodied, looking down at my body, seeing them loading my body in an ambulance.” 8:55  Robert tells us that he is not afraid of death.” He starts his book with a quote from Woody Allen, “I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” 11:00  We learn how Robert’s... read more

51: Developing Habits of Happiness with Teacher/Author Mike Ferry

“It’s important that we come into life with some habits and a perspective that is optimistic because that is what’s going to get us through the hard times and cultivate that happy outlook on life.” – Mike Ferry The Bucket List Life Episode #51 – Mike Ferry On this, episode #51, of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, we meet a middle school teacher, a coach and father of four children, who is focused on helping us develop the habits of happiness, Mike Ferry. Mike is the author of the book Teaching Happiness and Innovation. He believes that happiness will lead to a safer, more prosperous and more sustainable world. Researchers have found links between happiness, success and innovation. Let’s meet this bright, optimistic and creative guy. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:00  Mike tells us his book, Teaching Happiness and Innovation, came out in August. It was written to help us teach children, but this is what we want for ourselves as well. What he’s learned along the way is “we don’t have to wait for happiness to ascend magically from the heavens because we can actually go out and create happiness through our habits.” 4:00  Mike lets us know “It’s important that we come into life with some habits and a perspective that is optimistic because that is what’s going to get us through the hard times and cultivate that happy outlook on life.” 5:20  Mike realized that getting the message of achieving happiness out there was what he needed to be doing, to take his message to the classroom and to his own kids. This is the... read more

50: Write Your Book In 15 Minutes A Day with Self Publisher & Author Chris Kennedy

“You can’t publish something that was never written.”  Chris Kennedy The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #50 – Self-Publisher & Author Chris Kennedy  What has been a reoccurring bucket list item for many of our past podcast guests and is on so many others bucket lists? In this, episode #50 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, we meet the man who can teach all of us how to make one of our dreams come true, author and self publisher Chris Kennedy. He is a best-selling author of six Science Fiction/Fantasy books, with over 41,000 copies sold, and has written a ‘How to Book’ to help us all understand the self publishing process. He has helped 100’s of people get their books in print and in electronic form.  He also teaches us how to market our books and ourselves. We are thrilled he has taken the time to help us get this bucket list item checked off and to guide us through getting a book out of our heads and onto the shelves. Highlight of their podcast conversation: 3:15  Chris tells us about some of the bucket list items he has already been able to check off of his list. As a Naval Aviator, he has traveled all over the world but still wants to visit Australia. Find out why, even though he spent a lot of time in airplanes, he has never jumped out of one. 6:50  Chris shares an interesting statistic. 81% of Americans have a book they want to write, but he wasn’t one of them. After moving to Virginia Beach with his family he... read more

49: Knowing What You Want In A Relationship with Dating Coach Yue Xu

“I can literally accomplish anything right now, as long as I take the risk and commit to the risk and the change that I want to take…”  – Yue Xu The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #49 – Dating Coach Yue Xu In this, episode #49 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, we meet the woman behind, an informative and entertaining blog dedicated to bachelors. Yue Xu is also a dancer, choreographer, swimmer, kick boxer, actor, TV host (for The Gadget Show China), runner, and in her lifetime wants to change how Chinese Cuisine is viewed in the United States. She is bright, focused, enthusiastic and considers herself a “dating sociologist”. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:50  Yue tells us what a guy needs to think about when talking to a woman. Men are naturally focused and targeted, but when it comes to women they have to be aware if they want her because she is a good fit or are they trying to prove something to themselves? Take the time to reevaluate the situation. More on this later. 6:10  1986 – Yue was living in China with her parents. They have nothing but are happy. When everyone around you has what you have you don’t want anything more. “You don’t want anything more because there was no concept of anything more.” 8:40  1989 – Yue comes to the United States. She is eight and they move to East Lansing Michigan. She loved the mid-west and is grateful for her experience “because that was my true exposure to America.” 12:10  1999 – Interviewing for colleges... read more

48: The Cultural Composition Of Life with U.S. Air Force Veteran Marty France

“It’s always fun to travel with other people, especially people with other backgrounds because you not only see different things, you see things differently.” – Marty France The Bucket List Life Episode #48 – U.S. Air Force Veteran Marty France  Our next guest on episode #48 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is Marty France, a 34 year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Professor and Head of the Air Force Academy’s Department of Astronautics and a Rocket Scientist. He is fiercely committed to his family, he is a personal trainer, an avid book reader, he hikes 14ers, he cooks, he enjoys wine and craft beers and generally takes life and grabs it by the horns.  Marty loves sharing his experiences with others. He is passionate about educating others in humanities and social sciences. Marty is also an avid photographer and has taken over 100,000 photos of the 56 countries he has visited. He never slows down and gives to others when ever he can. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:40  Marty tells us about his love of photography. He has always been drawn to it. He remembers his fathers’ Leica camera in the late 50’s. When he was a cadet at the Air Force Academy he got his first Cannon AE1 camera. He didn’t get really serious about photography until the digital revolution, he was hooked. Now he doesn’t go anywhere without a camera. “I look at life like how I would compose a photo.” 7:35  Marty has a different approach to embracing life. “I embrace uncertainty. I think uncertainty bothers a lot of people and... read more

47: Seduced By The Wilderness with Adventure Author Michael Modzelewski

“It will seduce you with the beauty, Alaska will. And in the next minute it will try to kill you if you are not prepared.”– Michael Modzelewski The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #47 – Wilderness & Adventure Author Michael Modzelewski  Our next guest on episode #47 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is the author of 4 books, a naturalist, a guest speaker for the Princess Cruise Lines in Alaska, a globe-trotter, an edge walker, an alligator wrestler and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, twice. When Michael Modzelewski is not writing books, hosting Adventure Travel TV shows or giving motivational speeches around the world he is exploring the Alaskan fjords and guiding walking safaris in Tanzania. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:35  Michael tells us “I’ve probably been doing this crazy stuff for 40 years.” It all started when Michael’s mother would read him to sleep every night when he was 6 or 7. One of those books was ‘Call of the Wild’ by Jack London and it resonated with him. “The rest of my life I was in search of ‘wilderness’.” 4:35  In Michaels’ search for self he decided he wanted to take a retreat deep into nature to find out who he was before he could contribute to society, “We attract who we are.” 5:35  Michael says “There is no accidents in life.” We find out how the decision to help set up tents changes his entire life. 7:30  Michael didn’t realize it but he was a writer in search of his first book. In an off chance he meets Will... read more

46: Appreciating the Simplicity of Relationships with GGP Co-Founder Gillian Pierce

“So many of us are guilty of thinking of love in these big grand gestures but really it’s the day-to-day very small kindnesses that count.” – Gillian Pierce The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #46 – Global Glue Project Co-founder Gillian Pierce Today’s guest on episode #46 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is Gillian Pierce, the Co-founder, along with her brother DJ Pierce, of Global Glue Project, which was founded with a mission to find the glue that holds couples together. In the past four years she and her brother, the other co-founder of the project, have filmed 50 couples across the globe without any discrimination of race, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. What is The Global Glue Project really about? It is a website dedicated to healthy relationships and the wisdom of real couples. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:40   Gillian introduces us to the Global Glue Project. “It is primarily trying to be a resource of inspiration for people.” It’s a documentary website made up of countless relationship stories. 4:20   How did this dynamic project come to be? Gillian tells us how it all started when her brother, DJ, was applying to film school. When thinking of a project to present, he thought of their great-grandparents who had been married for 75 years and how those kinds of relationship stories are getting fewer and fewer. He wondered “Does love need a conservation effort?” That question resonated with Gillian and Global Glue Project came to be. It became a community project about sharing and telling stories around the wisdom behind relationships. 7:55   Gillian tells us... read more

45: The Long Haul To Freedom with Irish Adventurer & Storyteller Leon McCarron

“There is so much adventure to be had everywhere, all the time just by doing something a little bit different and a little bit exciting and something that challenges us.” – Leon McCarron The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #45 – Irish Adventurer Leon McCarron Thanks for joining us for episode #45 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo. Our awesome guest, Leon McCarron, is a Northern Irish Adventurer, Film maker, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society who specializes in long distance, human-powered expeditions. He is a phenomenal story-teller and his passion is documenting his travels to share with the world. Currently he has television shows airing in over 60 countries and an Amazon Top 10 selling book. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:00   Leon tells us about his childhood growing up in the countryside of Northern Ireland.  He believes one of the reasons he thrives in the lifestyle he now lives is the freedom and joy he felt running through the Irish woodlands. His heart was found in that idyllic setting as a child and he ventures out to see if that feeling exists elsewhere in the world. 10:30   Leon gives us details about his first adventure, how the thought of looking back at his life 30 years from now and regretting that he wasn’t brave enough to try something different or something challenging, was his motivation. He “…bought a bicycle, bought a 1 way ticket to New York City and set off from New York on a bike trip across North America. That’s where it all began….It requires that ‘switch’... read more

44: Flying Beyond The Unobtainable with Parabolic Digital Media Producer Bryan Rapoza

“Luck is just the intersection of preparation and opportunity.” – Bryan Rapoza The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #44 – Parabolic Digital Media Producer Bryan Rapoza In this, episode #44 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, we meet Bryan Rapoza. He is the Digital Media Producer for Zero-G, an adventurer, skydiver, base jumper, wingsuit flyer, wingsuit base jumper and someone who we find is living a true bucket list life. When experience teaches him that his tenacity is the secret to achieving his goals no matter how improbable they may be, Bryan aims for outer space, literally. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:20   Bryan tells us how the seed was sown for his dream of experiencing zero gravity by watching the game show “Double Dare” and how their video of people floating around in a KC135 at Space Camp never left his mind. 5:10   Bryan is asked what it is about him that keeps him motivated to go for and achieve each incredible adventure. He shares a quote from race car driver Aryton Senna about the limits we perceive in any given circumstance and how mind power, insight and determination gives us the power to surpass those limits. 6:50   What is a “Circum-Lunar Navigation Trip”, how will it allow a private customer to do a “trans-lunar injection circle around the backside of the moon”, who offers this unbelievable experience and how many hundreds of millions of dollars has someone already paid to be the first to do this? Bryan is one of the few people who can and does answer these questions for us. 8:35   Bryan... read more

43: Choosing Love with Doreen Katz MCF Founder Adam Katz

“Don’t be afraid to fail because you learn more in your failures than you ever will in your successes.” – Adam Katz The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #43 – Doreen Katz MCF Founder Adam Katz Determination is our next guests ‘middle name’. In this, episode #43 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, we meet Adam Katz. He is the founder and director of The Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation, the first foundation that focuses on the children of cancer patients and providing for their education and therapy. He is also the author of the book ‘Jeremy’s Journey’ and was a Russian Linguist and Signals Analyst in the United States Navy. His story is powerful, impactful and heart wrenching.   Highlights of their podcast conversation: 6:20   “Jeremy’s Journey” was a book born from Adam’s experience with a young man he met while working with the Junior Racquetball Team in Colorado. We learn how Jeremy breaks his C5 vertebrae in a climbing accident and becomes a quadriplegic. Adam decides to play a season of tournaments, document every game; self publish this information into a book and present it to Jeremy and his family. Even though Jeremy could no longer play in the tournaments he could still feel like he was part of that season. 12:00   Adam shares how he met Doreen while they were freshmen in college in Rhode Island. How he fell in love with her the moment he met her, how she kicked his butt in racquetball and how she laughed at him when he admitted he loved her at dinner that first night. 15:45   We... read more

42: Trusting Your Instincts And Training With Deep Cave Diver Mike Young

“You have to listen to your subconscious. If it’s telling you something there is probably a reason and you need to pay attention to it.” – Mike Young The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #42 – Deep Cave Diver Mike Young In this, episode # 42 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, we meet an extreme skier, hunter, mountaineer, extreme motorcyclist and alligator wrangler Mike Young, who also happens to be a cave diver, member of the U.S. Deep Caving Team and a member of the Advanced Diver’s Magazine Exploration Team. What does all this mean? You will learn about that right now in this exciting podcast. I promise it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:00   Mike helps us understand why he is so passionate about cave diving. That’s scuba diving in a cave. “It takes a lot of dedication and a lot of training.” When asked by Kenyon about the danger of the sport Mike tells us that “most of the fatalities that occur in cave diving is because people didn’t get the proper training ahead of time.” 6:00   We hear how Mike got into scuba diving while living in the Kalahari Desert when some friends invited him to try it out. He did his Open Water Certification in a sink hole. Wanting to challenge himself he started diving deeper and deeper and after seeing a film by Wes Skiles about a cave system in Florida, he was hooked. Cave diving led to expedition and technical diving.  10:25   Buried alive! “I had about 8 minutes worth of... read more

41: Keys To Resetting Your Life With Experience Creator Jonathan Martin

“Just say yes and things will happen and you will meet the most wonderful people.” – Jonathan Martin The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #41 – Jonathan Martin 8 months ago when two adventurers said “yes” to meeting each other at the behest of their mutual friend, Giles Fabris, for a tandem trike flight and an exhilarating leap from 5,000 feet, a new friendship was born. In episode #41 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo we meet Skydiver, Tour Manager, Ultralight Pilot, motorcycle enthusiast, and adventurer Jonathan Martin. Taking advantage of every opportunity, Jonathan says “yes” to the adventure around every corner and always tries to live life to the fullest.   Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:00   We hear in detail of the “magical” morning when Jonathan and Kenyon meet in the middle of the desert outside of San Diego, Kenyon in his wing suit and skydiving rig and Jonathan with his three-wheeled, tandem, Ultralight with a rear pusher engine. 5:00  Jonathan shares the story of the day he hears what sounds like a giant “weed whacker” near his desert home. How when he looks up and sees two trikes (Ultralights with three wheels) flying 700 feet above his house, he decides right then and there he has to do this. He gets on his bike, chases them to where the Ultralights land in a dry river bed about 10 miles away and says “Take me for a ride!” 7:00   Jonathan opens up about his life and we learn of his beautiful wife Shelly and how he lost her to Cystic Fibrosis. How it was truly love... read more

40: Secrets To The Ongoing Success Story with TBLL Leader Andrew Fraser

“I’ve traveled to remote destinations and engaged in new sports and activities and found immense pleasure in them myself and yet the greatest joy I’ve felt in association with those things is when I bring somebody else on board. I open their eyes to it and then I get to live that experience again vicariously through that person while they taste it for the first time in their lives. That’s what fills me up, what gets me fired up.” Andrew Fraser The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode # 40 – Adventurer, Entrepreneur and TBLL Leader Andrew Fraser There is nothing more enjoyable that getting together with old friends. In episode #40 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo we do just that. We reconnect with Andrew Fraser, alumni of The Bucket List Life Podcast #10, which was hugely successful. He is a public speaker, teacher, yoga instructor, skydiver and puma walker and Kenyon’s great friend. We welcome him back. Kenyon and Andrew discuss what’s happening in and around The Bucket List Life movement and why it is so extraordinarily popular. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:30   Andrew gives us a little insight on how he has been living The Bucket List Life (TBLL) the past few weeks – playing hard of course. Skiing, snow boarding, Heli-snowboarding and throwing and epic New Years Eve party for 150 of his closest friends. 5:20   Kenyon and Andrew discuss The Bucket List Ugly Sweater Christmas Party and why one of the attendees included a rattlesnake. 7:15   The discussion turns to The Bucket List Life New Years Eve party at Andrews home... read more

39: Sharing The Feat with Athletes in Tandem Founder Dennis Vanderheiden

“It’s not just about pushing the athletes in an event. It’s learning about how they live, what they deal with and how we can offer what we do to enrich their lives.” – Dennis Vanderheiden The Bucket List Life Podcast #39 – Athletes In Tandem Founder Dennis Vanderheiden In podcast episode #39 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, we meet Dennis Vanderheiden, the founder and President of Athletes in Tandem, Inc. Athletes in Tandem is a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to providing the thrill of competitive sport to athletes with disabilities in the individual events of running, swimming or biking and triathlons.” Their vision is to enhance and develop confidence, individualism, self-esteem and the quality of life for individuals through inclusion in outdoor recreational activities. Dennis is dedicated to the idea of taking action to “get out there and help one another.” Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:00   Dennis gives us a little background and insight on how he ended up in Colorado, the “Mecca for fitness” , and his personal journey to becoming an athlete. 9:15   Dennis discusses how he preps for the challenge of an Iron Man race. Why he thinks it is 80% mental and 20% physical and why it is important to “connect with other people who are training and share their experiences.” 12:00   We hear about the life changing and emotional experience that inspired Dennis to pursue his vision of helping disabled athletes live their dreams and how the moving YouTube video about ‘Team Hoyt’, the athletic team of able-bodied father and disabled son, played a big part in his decision. “I... read more

38: Be Inspired to Challenge Yourself Today with Adventurer Anna McNuff

“If people feel inspired, that inspires me and spurs me on and causes this huge rolling stone effect. I just love life.” – Anna McNuff The Bucket List Life Podcast #38 – Adventurer Anna McNuff In our inspiring podcast #38 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, we meet British born female adventurer, writer and speaker, Anna McNuff. On her life long hunt for new and exciting endurance challenges, she became a member of Great Britain’s Women’s Rowing Team, has completed an 11,000 mile unassisted tour of all 50 states of the United States and as of this writing is poised to leave on a 2,000 mile unassisted run across the stunningly beautiful country of New Zealand, which some call the adventure capitol of the world. We catch up with Anna, in New Zealand, as she anxiously awaits the start of this new and challenging adventure. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 5:30   In thinking back on her life and what inspires her, Anna tells us what adventure means to her. “Adventure is kind of freeing yourself of everyday obligations, of everyday life and sorta letting go.”  It is pointed out that people can define adventure in their own terms. Just walking on the beach can be their definition of adventure. 6:50   Anna shares her thoughts about “Screen time vs Green time”. How technology is a wonderful thing, which she uses all the time but it shouldn’t be the only option to flop a child down in front of a screen. “We need to get them outside. If they loose their passion for the planet and their... read more

37: Discover The Leader Inside You With The Director Of The World Scout Foundation John Geoghegan

“The first thing about leadership that you have to learn is how to follow and develop personal confidence,… and that’s what Scouting does really well.” – John Geoghegan The Bucket List Life Podcast #37 – Director of The World Scout Foundation – John Geoghegan Our next guest on episode #37 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, started in Scouting in Dublin, Ireland, first as a Scout, then as leader of the 73rd Dublin Unit. In 1985, John Geoghegan became National Training Officer for the Scout Association of Ireland.  In 1987, John joined the British Red Cross as Youth Officer. In 1998, he was appointed Head of Red Cross operations in Vietnam, battling against natural disasters such as storms and floods, addressing issues of disability, HIV/AIDS and community development, as well as helping one of the world’s few remaining communist countries to adapt to a changing world. John is proud, and quite rightly so, of his achievements whilst with the Red Cross, but his heart is very much in Scouting. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:00 John explains what it is that he does as the Director of the World Scout Foundation, why he feels it’s pretty much the best job in the world and what he is most passionate about in his position.  5:45 John gives a brief history of the origin of Scouting and how it all started with a comic book written by Baden Powell, in the Victorian society of the United Kingdom, in 1906. 11:00 John describes who the Scouts are and what they are voluntarily doing all around the world utilizing their... read more

36: Why You Should Say Yes More To Everything with Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite

“The bravest thing is just to be an individual, to not be worried about what people think of you every time you try to jump out of the box.” – Dave Cornthwaite The Bucket List Life Podcast #36 – Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite When the fire and passion that shines from within you is no longer willing to accept a life of mediocrity and the mundane, the magnificent manifestations of your life are all possible when you just “Say Yes More”! Our next guest on episode #36 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is an Adventurer, Author of three books, a renowned Speaker and a talented Filmmaker.  Dave Cornthwaite quit his job as a Graphic Designer at the age of 24 and just said yes to adventure and following his passion.  His journey in the past ten years has brought him to hold nine World Records and become the Founder of numerous projects involved in creating social change and awareness.  Among his recent projects and brands that include, “Say Yes More”, Project Origin and #Begin.  As a self proclaimed Professional Nomad, Dave is Skyping in from Estes Park, CO. today and is excited about sharing his current adventures, expeditions and projects with us. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:00 Having just finished a project before Christmas sailing into the British Virgin Islands, Dave tells us how he woke up Christmas morning on Richard Branson’s new private island, Moskito.  5:30 Dave takes us back to when he was a graphic designer in his mid 20’s and explains what that world was like for him, how unfulfilled he was... read more

35: The Adventure Catalyst Theory with British Explorer Toby Storie-Pugh

“Adventure can be a powerful catalyst for personal change.” – Toby Storie-Pugh The Bucket List Life Podcast #35 – British Explorer Toby Storie-Pugh What happens when you combine your quest for adventure and passion for exploration, with your desire to help others and affect positive change in the world? You end up living an ultimate form of The Bucket List Life! Our very first guest in 2015, on episode #35 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo is a 39 year old British Explorer based out of New York City.  Toby Storie-Pugh leads world-class expeditions that are leveraged to create sustainable social impact.  He is the Founder of a children’s home and school in Kenya, called Flying Kites.  He has also founded the Kenyan Everest Expedition where he is campaigning to help the first Kenyan climber to the summit of Mt. Everest, in 2015.  And then, towards the end of 2015, Toby wants to be the first person to start walking the full length of the Congo River which will take about 12 months.  Toby is with us today to talk about all of his exciting adventures, expeditions to come and how he is able to make a significant impact helping others around the world. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:45 Toby tells us the story of how he started Flying Kites with his two co-founders in Nairobi, and where their desire to manifest the best children’s home and school in the world which started seven years ago. “We felt that it was our moral obligation to give the very best care that one could give, because,... read more

34: The Power of TBLL Podcasts in 2014 with Podcast Enchantress Lani Gelera

“I feel like the universe has been communicating with me through these podcasts and inspiring me in exactly the way I need, in perfect timing in my life.…” – Lani Gelera The Bucket List Life Podcast #34 – Podcast Enchantress Lani Gelera We’ve had an amazing first year here at The Bucket List Life and our Podcasts have inspired so many around the world. As the New Year approaches, we’d love to take a moment and reflect upon the lessons learned, the insight gained and the greatest take aways from the 33 amazing Podcasts in 2014. They are all special and unique in their own way and there is no better person to look back and summarize all podcasts than the Podcast Enchantress herself, Lani Gelera. Please check out all of our previous podcasts to date for inspiration, motivation and to change your life for 2015!  Lani encourages us all to not only listen to these podcasts and take away what we can from them, but to share them and gift them to others that just might need to hear these powerful messages in perfect timing. That wraps up episode #34 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo. Please remember to RATE and REVIEW on iTunes and also FOLLOW us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to join our Team Bucket List Life Facebook Page and contribute to making the world a better place. Until next time, be amazing and be you and help others check off bucket list... read more

33: Setting & Achieving SMARTER Goals with Business Consultant James Doyle

“Goal management is not just about ticking the box… it’s about identifying a desired future state…” – James Doyle The Bucket List Life Podcast #33 – Business Consultant James Doyle The Bucket List Life is all about living the lives that we truly desire for ourselves. In order to make these magical manifestations happen, we have to set some significant goals. Our next guest is a Goal Setting Consultant from Denmark and he has more than 20 years experience working with business leaders from around the world to successfully manage their goals. James Doyle wants to share with us some of his greatest life experiences from his travels to more than 50 countries and he also has some helpful insight and tips to inspire an encourage us to effectively define our goals and successfully accomplish all of our Bucket List items. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:00 James talks about his adventures in traveling around the world. He shares and some of his favorite places of the 50 plus countries that he’s been to and some of his travel experiences that have changed his life forever. “Here is our life. Let’s just make every minute, every second, every day every week and month matter. Make it matter for yourself, for your friends and for your family and make the world a better place.” 10:00 James shares the story of how he decided to move to Denmark and how he found the home of his dreams, a beautiful and historical 17th century, nationally listed, thatched cottage house. 15:45 James tells us of how he came upon The Bucket List Life... read more

32: How to Live The Bucket List Life with 2147Miles Founder Amy Croson

“There is something about the bucket list that makes your goals solid…. once you write them down… you are more likely to take the leap once you’ve made this contract with yourself.” – Amy Croson The Bucket List Life Podcast #32 – Founder Amy Croson The Bucket List Life is all about creating more experiences, sharing more experiences and living a more fulfilled life. The bucket list is not just a list of goals, it’s a customized road map for your life. Our next guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo episode #32 is a young woman that has embodied The Bucket List lifestyle and designed a website to inspire others to do so as well. Amy Croson is the founder of in 2007. She has some amazing stories to share and insight about the importance of the bucket list, what it takes to overcome obstacles, stay on path and continue checking off items on bucket list items year after year. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 5:00 Amy talks about growing up in Idaho, her family and one of the greatest lessons her father instilled in her, “Sometimes you just gotta let go, move on, there are better things in life, you shouldn’t be miserable, be happy!” 6:00 Amy shares the story of the creation of her bucket list when she was in an unhappy place in life while working with her father in Seattle. She sat down and decided to write a list of all the goals she wanted to accomplish in life. “There is something about the bucket list that makes your... read more

31: Transitioning From Victim to Victory with Actress Spice Williams Crosby

“Every now and then, the world slows down, the universe opens a door and you got a choice, you either walk through it or you stay in limbo.” – Spice Williams Crosby The Bucket List Life Podcast #31 – Actress Spice Williams Crosby They say that adversity in life creates character. That couldn’t be more true than for creation of the beautiful, driven and passionate soul that Kenyon has the pleasure of chatting with today. Our next guest on episode #31 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is a strong, powerful woman that has endured the life’s gamut and risen above as a victor. Spice Williams Crosby comes from a background of abuse, drugs, alcohol, overcoming near death and physical challenge. All of it has not been without purpose. Today, she is an accomplished Martial Artist, a successful Actress and Stuntwoman and holds a Doctorate in Natural Health Science. Forged from the fire this powerful beautiful woman wants to share her life experience, her wisdom and her story with all those looking for inspiration and a reason to believe that life really is all about the journey. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:30 What is something not many people know about Spice? She is a very strong, confident, ball busting, crazy redhead and not many people know how truly vulnerable and fragile she can really be inside. 5:30 Spice tells us the amazing story of her incredible life journey and how she came to be the powerful and strong woman she is today. Starting from her childhood, her family and her upbringing with constant tragedy, trauma,... read more

30: Exclusive Interview: The Magic, Mystery and True Meaning of Christmas with Santa Claus

“We all have our special talents to contribute and everyone is happier and more productive when we follow our hearts.” – Santa Claus The Bucket List Life Podcast #30 – Santa Claus He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good and he loves you either way. You better watch out, you better not cry, you better open your heart, Santa’s telling you why…… Santa Claus, himself is our next guest on episode #30 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo. This is Santa’s first ever podcast interview, straight from the North Pole, and this holly jolly man has taken some of his precious time right before the holidays to share with us all some of his greatest lessons and experiences, stories and secrets about the magic of Christmas. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:00 Santa talks about trust and faith he has in humanity and the team effort it takes to make Christmas magical, and all the help he gets from not only his elves, reindeers and helpers, but from the Santa within all of us from all around the world. 5:30 Santa tells us how he currently feels about the Naughty List and Nice List and confirms that Kenyon and The Bucket List Life are definitely on the Nice list this year. 7:30 Santa gives us a history lesson on the original Saint Nicholas, from Turkey in the 4th century. He says there have been many Santa Claus’s before him and he describes how he had to apply to be Father Christmas, and the rigorous... read more

29: 5 Steps to Align with Your Highest Potential with Life Purpose Coach Shine Kelly

“Just be happy, and do whatever you can to build that energy and stay there….it’s the place where miracles are created.” – Shine Kelly The Bucket List Life Podcast #29 – Life Purpose Coach Shine Kelly When trying to manifest the life of our dreams, it can be easy to get discouraged, off track and develop negative beliefs when things are not happening the way we’d like at different times of our life. Sometimes all we need is someone to help guide us through the process of aligning with our highest potential so that we can attract exactly what it is that our heart desires. Our next guest on episode #29 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, is a Life Purpose Coach and very passionate about sharing practical tools and insights to help people align with their highest potential in every moment. Shine Kelly was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC. He is currently working on creating the first Conscious Lounge and launching an online coaching program this coming March. Shine has some wonderful insight and techniques to share with us that will help us all check off all our bucket list items. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:00 Shine tells us the story of how he came to have such an interesting and meaningful name. 5:00 Shine shares some of the lessons he’s taken from Ester and Abraham Hicks and his experience attending one of their training seminars in Portland in 2012. 12:00 Shine briefly shares an overview of his life and how he came upon his spiritual path, how he came to find his... read more

28: Why Risk Plus Passion Brings You Ultimate Reward with Adventure Journalist Jim Clash

“Pursue your passion, be reasonable about it, but eventually if you do what you love, the money will come.” – Jim Clash The Bucket List Life Podcast #28 – Forbes Magazine Adventure Journalist – Jim Clash What is, in some ways, even better than living the life of accomplishment, adventure, risk, reward, fame and fortune? Being an Adventure Journalist and getting to live vicariously through all of the people you look up to, are inspired by and can learn the from the most in life. Our next guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, Episode #28, is a world renown Adventure Writer for Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Week, Ask Men Magazine and many more publications. Jim Clash writes mostly about extreme adventure and those who do it. He is the author of the adventure book, Forbes To the Limits. He loves to push his own limits in life and inspire others to do the same. He shares with us today, how he turned his passion of writing into the amazing career he has today as a successful Adventure Journalist. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 2:30 Jim shares some of the current incredible adventures that he is involved in, including his training for Virgin Galactic Airway’s first sub-orbital space flight. 5:00 Jim tells us what it’s like to live vicariously through the incredible adventurers that he has the opportunity to interview. He also explains that he has always been quite an adventurous person himself, starting as a child, as a hand radio operator, communicating with people around the world. 9:30 Jim takes us on his journey and career... read more

27: Pushing Thru Your Pain with Adventure Thru-Hiker Wesley Trimble

“When people ask me about the Pacific Crest Trail, I tell them that the trail found me, instead of me finding the trail.” – Wesley Trimble The Bucket List Life Podcast #27 – Adventure Thru-Hiker Wesley Trimble To climb the tallest mountains and hike across country is definitely a popular bucket list goal for so many. The physical challenge requires training, preparation and the mental drive and endurance to push past the inevitable pain and see the journey through. Our next guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast episode #27 with Kenyon Salo is an experienced and accomplished Thru-Hiker that began conquering mountains as a child. Wesley Trimble not only has summited 50 of Colorado’s 54 Fourteeners, he has also trekked the Colorado Trail, ran half marathons and successfully completed the 2,600+ mile Pacific Crest Trail over the course of 4 months this past summer. Amazingly he has accomplished all of these considerable physical feats with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy that he was born with. Wesley hopes to inspire others by sharing his story of overcoming his medical condition, the challenges he faced on the trail and his courage and tenacity to stay the course, putting one foot in front of the other. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 4:45 Wesley takes us way back to the beginning and explains the mild form of Cerebral Palsy that he was born with. He addresses the difficulties he experienced as a child growing up just trying to blend in and the insecurities he had about his medical condition. He grew up a member of an active and adventurous family in... read more

26: Living The Lead Role In Your Life Story with French Film Actress Julie Dray

“When something is for you, it is for you. You shouldn’t be afraid…. If it’s not for you, it’s not gonna be for you….. You just have to trust the process.” – Julie Dray The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #26 – French Film Actress Julie Dray The luxurious life of a Hollywood Film Star is but a fantasy that only a select few ever get to experience. The challenging road towards fame and fortune is just as fascinating as living the life as an actress on the big screen. Our next guest on episode #26 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is a well seasoned and successful actress from Paris, France. Julie Dray was a self declared actress from the age of five years old. After paying for her own professional acting classes starting from the age of 13, Julie has travelled the challenging road towards stardom and fulfilling her dreams working on feature films around the world. With all the ups and downs in the career of a performer, Julie has learned to embrace who she is and every experience that life has presented. She has some wonderful and heartfelt insight for following your dreams with courage and conviction. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:30 Julie shares with us the story of how she became involved in BASE Jumping for a movie she was working on, how she quickly fell in love with the sport and how she developed her friends for life connections within the BASE Jumping community, where she eventually met Kenyon on Facebook. 12:15 Julie tells how she grew up knowing... read more

25: The Key to Finding Love Online with Matchmaker Courteney Kay

“Saying ‘Yes’ is just so important, because nothing magical ever happens when you are just sitting on the couch.” – Courteney Kay The Bucket List Life Podcast #25 – Courteney Kay The world of online dating can be an intimidating place for those venturing into the dating scene. The process of dating in general can be a frustration and tiring experience. Thank goodness for those that attempt to make these necessary ventures in life more tolerable. Our next guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast episode #25, is one of the exciting and wonderful people that help others find their perfect soul mate and bring love into their lives. Courteney Kay is the Regional Coordinator and Executive Matchmaker for Dating Ring. Courteney has an extensive background as a Matchmaker, having ran her own singles events company in Southern California and hosted speed dating events as well as written many blogs and articles for various dating websites. Now living in San Francisco with her fiancé of four years, Courteney has some helpful tips and suggestions for success in dating and finding true love. Highlights from their podcast conversation: 7:30 Courteney talks about growing up as a perfectionist from a very young age and how she was encouraged to overcome perfectionism by her loving and supportive parents. 14:15 Courteney shares her love story of how she met the man of her dreams through and the most romantic marriage proposal she received in Rio De Janeiro, six months afterwards. 19:30 Courteney talks about what her finance, Ray, did differently to get her attention on and how she knew from day... read more

24: Disarming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Retired Police Sergeant Lee Malek

“Getting shot was the worst moment of my life, but also the best moment of my life.” – Lee Malek The Bucket List Life Podcast #24 – Lee Malek Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be a debilitating and life altering anxiety disorder. Without proper treatment and counseling, it can take over your world in a way that prevents you from truly enjoying your life. Our next in studio guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo episode #24 is a retired Police Sergeant from Kansas City, MI. He was a Police Officer for over 11 years when a gunfight changed his life forever. Currently living in Colorado, Lee Malek is now a successful Youth Sports Coach and loving father who has survived his gunshot wounds and PTSD. He now spends his time coaching his kids sports teams and climbing as many 14ers (14,000 ft mountains) as he can with new life he’s been given. Lee understands the importance of talking about PTSD and asking others for help. He has a great desire to help others understand and overcome the disorder while instilling a belief in them that things will get better and there potentially is a happy ending. Highlights of their conversation: 4:00 Lee shares with us his hopes and dreams at the age of five and the father figures and influences around him that made him decide to become a positive, helpful member of the community as a model Police Officer. Lee has learned about police work, understanding the nuances of the job and compassion in the community. One the biggest things they impress upon you... read more

23: Discover The Depths of Your Greatness with World/Deep Sea Explorer David Concannon

“If you can just follow your passion, the rest will fall in to place.” – David Concannon The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #23 – David Concannon The life of travel, adventure and exploration is but a dream for most, let alone a paid reality. The stories and experiences of a Professional Explorer are what movies are made of, books are written about and the history of the world is conceived from. Our next guest on The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, Episode #23 is a successful and well know Explorer, Adventurer and Lawyer. David Concannon has climbed the tallest mountains, rubbed elbows with astronauts and been to the depths of the ocean visiting the Titanic, discovering sunken ships and recovering the NASA Apollo Rockets. David was one of the youngest members of the Explorers Club and talks with kids around the United States about following their dreams and encouraging them that they truly can do anything they put their mind to in life. David has some great stories and adventures to share with us today about his work in exploration. Highlights in Their Conversation: 4:00 David takes us back to where he truly learned what he was capable of and his exploration days began, with Kenyon, in Camp Mowglis. After becoming a Lawyer, the General Council and one of the youngest members of The Explorers Club, his explorations, adventures and many expeditions around the world were consisted and non-stop. 8:00 Having led many small and major expeditions around the world, David has been down to see the Titanic four times and has given away his seat six... read more

22: Understanding the Precipice of Change with Actor/Writer Brian Gaskill

“There is a sense of freedom in starting over that can just be awesome!” – Brian Gaskill The Bucket List Life Episode #22 – Actor/Writer Brian Gaskill The inside world of TV and Film seems to most a magical fantasy filled with celebrity, glamour and excitement. But to many of those working within the industry, their job it is not a mystical far fetched dream. It is a reality and a professional career that they were lead to by following their passion. And like any creative performing art in which we strive for success, it’s a long hard road with seasons of feast and of famine. Our next guest on episode #22 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, is an accomplished Actor, Writer, Director, Producer and Teacher within the TV and Film Industry. He grew up working on daytime soap opera television. Brian Gaskill has enjoyed a successful career in the industry for many years, only to face the downside of a career as an artistic performer, the inconsistency and unpredictability. Today Brian shares with us his courageous journey of pursuing his passion, following his heart and when the going gets rough, believing in a better day. Highlights of their conversation: 5:30 Brian describes his career in the Television and Film industry not as a life long dream that he wanted to achieve but just his job, who he is, what he did and what he wanted to keep on doing. Brian describes working on set as ‘always being exciting’ in a relaxing and comfortable way where it always felt like he was coming home every time... read more

21: Quit Your Job and Travel the World with Entrepreneur & Traveler Jake Lau

“The fact that we can even entertain the option of traveling, gives us all the riches of the world. You owe it to the universe, for giving you the lottery winnings, to do something exceptional and travel.” – Jake Lau The Bucket List Life Podcast #21 – Entrepreneur and World Traveler Jake Lau If we take a moment to comprehend how fortunate we are in this life to be listening to this podcast, to have a smart phone, iPad or computer, to entertain the ideas of business and travel, then we can start to appreciate that we are amongst the most privileged in the world and we are constantly surrounded by opportunity. Our next guest on episode #21 of The Bucket List Life has an inspiring story to share of seizing every opportunity presented before him in full appreciation and recognition of the treasures in life he’s been given. Jake Lau was born and raised Washington DC, currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. At the age of 27 years old, Jake quit his high profile position with PricewaterhouseCoopers and decided to travel around the world for 18 months while he had the opportunity. His travels included a road trip across the USA, hiking Kilimanjaro and backpacking through Nepal, Europe and New Zealand. Jake uses all of the lessons he has learned in his incredible travel experiences today as a successful startup entrepreneur and business owner of the only Chinese gourmet food truck in Arizona, Hoa Boa. Highlights from their conversation: 3:00 Having met through a mutual friend on Facebook, Kenyon and Jake never really connected until after Kenyon started The... read more

20: Why You Should Never Settle in Life with Career Consultant Mike Spivey

“Write the book you want to write about your life that you thought you would write when you were a kid.” – Mike Spivey The Bucket List Life Podcast #20 – Career Consultant Mike Spivey Fulfilling our childhood aspirations and following our dreams in life can be more challenging as we grow into adulthood. There is an art to goal setting, staying motivated to pursue our passions and not settling for less than our true desire. Our next, in house guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast episode #20 has mastered this art from a very early age. Mike Spivey is a featured speaker, published writer, guest blogger, guest podcaster and invited consultant on legal education administration. He was Dean of Admissions at Law Schools while at Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, and The University of Colorado. As founder of Spivey Consulting Firm, Mike has studied goals and how to achieve them his whole life. He has some very wise insight and advice to offer about following your passion and never settling in life. Highlights of their conversation: 3:30 Mike explains why he has such a comprehensive understanding of achieving goals and why he was always chosen as a team captain in high school. 5:00 Mike gives us the breakdown on setting effective attainable goals with an example of one of his own personal goals in running races. Sometimes being general in our goal setting, like we were as a children, is more effective than being specific. 12:30 Mike talks about how the adult world breeds settling and insecurities from our failures. 13:30 Mike brings up the... read more

19: The Key Insight to Start-Up Success with Business Advisor Matt Rockwell

“I don’t know where happiness comes from, other than helping other people.” – Matt Rockwell The Bucket List Life Podcast #19 – Business Advisor Matt Rockwell Almost every successful business endeavor is founded on the support and encouragement of a mentor or another successful business professional in the industry. It’s in seeking advice that we learn the power of our own personal development, drive and determination to manifest our ideas. Today’s in house guest on episode #19 of The Bucket List Life Podcast, is Kenyon’s own mentor and business advisor for the past 4 years, Matt Rockwell. Matt is an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur and he has a great deal of inspiring insight to business development and the successes and failures of pursuing your passions. Matt shares his initial opinion of the Bucket List Life, his overall impression of the concept and his vision for the company in the next year. Highlights from their conversation: 2:30 Matt talks about his idea of a good time: La Tomatina (The Tomato Festival) The biggest tomato food fight on the planet. “You can really get in to it and be in the line of fire, or you can be more of a spectator and pick up a stray bullet here and there…… Keep in mind that the spectators that are interested in what’s going on are as important as the people participating…. I think we have to be good watchers to be good players and good players to be good watchers, we need both in life.” 8:45 Kenyon recaps his business relationship with Matt as a mentor, and why he was... read more

18: How Accepting Change Affords You the World with DTC Founder Heather Falenski

“Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself or start to wonder why is this happening to me, I take a moment and a breather and I think, the universe is creating a space for me right now. What’s about to come in? And then I start to get really excited! The Bucket List Life Podcast #18 – Drive to Change Founder, Heather Falenski Life is full of amazing and tragic circumstance and the universe has it’s own way of guiding us through the path to realizing our own dreams. It’s when we struggle and resist that path, that we suffer the most. Today’s in studio guest has mastered the art of going with the flow of life and allowing change to guide her. On episode #18 of The Bucket List Life Podcast, Kenyon chats with his dear friend and climbing partner Heather Falenski. As an adventurous, world traveller, photographer, Founder of Drive to Change and CEO of One World Media, Heather is an eloquent communicator and effective storyteller. She has some incredible insight and advice to share about allowing life to change us and believing in the universal plan. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 3:00 Heather tells us about how her love and passion for photography developed at a very early age. Some of her favorite pictures are of facial expressions of the people she’s had a chance to really connect with in her travels around the world. 8:30 As a female pilot, Heather talks about how she became interested in aviation and her thrilling and powerful first ever flying lesson. Also, how this taught her a metaphor... read more

17: The Drive to Survive with Extreme Para-Athlete Lonnie Bissonnette

“I can’t believe I just survived all of that, and now I am going to drown, literally inches from life….The only thing I thought about at that moment was that I can’t die because… my kids need me, you know.” – Lonnie Bissonnette The Bucket List Life Podcast #17 – Extreme Para-Athlete Lonnie Bissonnette Extreme Para-Athlete Lonnie Bissonnette When life throws down the gauntlet and you are given the choice to fight for your life or surrender, what drives you to keep going and overcome any obstacle to survive? What does it mean to be an inspiration to others? Today’s incredibly humble guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #17 is highly respected, admired by his peers and a true inspiration to many. He is an inspiration because of his ability to overcome the challenges that life has thrown in his path with stubborn drive and an uncommon willingness to go the extra distance to make things happen. Lonnie Bissonnette has been friends with Kenyon in the BASE and skydiving community for well over a decade. Lonnie is an elite extreme athlete from Canada and he has some amazing and, yes, incredibly inspiring stories to share about “the accident” that changed everything and the challenges he has faced and overcome in his remarkable life. Highlights of their conversation: 3:30 Lonnie is currently in Calgary, Alberta, training to build the sport of Para-Bobsledding into the Winter Para-Olympics 2018. 8:00 Lonnie tells us all about growing up as a crazy, adventurous and indestructible kid in St. Catherines, Ontario Canada. 15:30 Lonnie talks about about getting kicked out of his house... read more

16: Boot Camp for Your Soul with Fitness Trainer Gaetan Tremblay Sr.

“There is no reason to go half speed when you have decided to do something. If you’ve decided to do something, you have to do it 100%. If you can’t do it a 100%, your hearts not into it so why do it at all.” – Gaetan Tremblay Sr. The Bucket List Life Podcast #16 – Fitness Trainer Gaetan Tremblay Sr. One of the most empowering things you can do in your life is to help and support others through a difficult time or challenge. There is nothing more effective in accomplishing your own goals than to help others accomplish there’s. The second pillar of the The Bucket List Life is Helping Others and our next guest on podcast episode #16 truly embodies this understanding. Gaetan Tremblay Sr. is a generous and authentic individual that is committed to helping others step outside of their own comfort zone. As a former member of the Canadian Military for 10 years, Gaetan is physical, courageous and skilled. These days he is all about fitness training and he loves to inspire and motivate people in his successful fitness style boot camps. As an Ambassador of The Bucket List Life in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Gaetan loves adventure, travelling and doing stuff that other people are afraid to do to show them that it can be done. Do you want to be an Ambassador? Check out the Ambassador section at under Team to find out how you can join us and help inspire the world. Gaetan has been Facebook friends with Kenyon since May 2012, and he has a lot of daily wisdom and... read more

15: Design your Destiny with Image Consultant Milena Joy

“The clothes that we wear are a reflection of who we are and how we feel inside. On those days when you feel kinda crappy, you tend to choose your sweats and comfy clothes. And on the days you feel like a million dollars, you dress like a million dollars”. – Milena Joy The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #15 – Image Consultant Milena Joy Image Consultant Milena Joy How we feel about ourselves and our personal style have everything to do with the image that we project out into the world. You can say so much about who you are, what you do and your personal brand just by wearing the right clothes. For some of us, knowing what to wear to define your image, doesn’t come naturally. Our next guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #15, comes to the rescue and offers a little guidance for us all the next time we look into our closets. Milena Joy is the driven and motivated founder of Milena Distinctive Image Consulting. She is a passionate and spicy, Columbian born business woman that grew up in Minnesota. Milena has co-authored books as a personal brand expert and she is dedicated to helping her clients simplify their lives while inspiring their style. She met Kenyon on Facebook in perfect timing as he was just looking to upgrade his style and personal brand. Highlights from their podcast conversation: 6:15 Kenyon asks Milena to share her story of being adopted from Columbia when she was 2 years old. 8:00 With a January 1st birthday, Milena talks about her love of the... read more

14: Helping You Connect the Dots in Life with Success Coach Mark Sumpter

“There will be people along the way in your life who will spark something in you that will take you to the next level. …. And you might not recognize it right away, but in a lot of those cases you’ll look back and realize that you were there to serve a purpose and all those things happened to you for a reason.” – Mark Sumpter The Bucket List Life Podcast #14 –  Success Coach Mark Sumpter It’s a lot easier to look back on our lives at times of challenge and adversity and start to connect the dots.  In hindsight it is not hard to recognize the universal connections and synchronicity that surrounds us.  With this understanding it make sense to believe that every experience and everyone who comes into our lives has a purpose and a meaning, even if we don’t recognize it at the time. Today’s podcast #14 of The Bucket List Life Podcast, is with Mark Sumpter, Founder of Renegade Success Coach, which is a Muti-dimensional Educational Coaching Platform that helps coaches and consultants take their business to the next level. Mark helps entrepreneurs create their signature programs to build a lifestyle business. He is an ex-military, ex-Law Enforcement and a successful, exceptional Entrepreneur, Father and Soccer Coach today.  He has a lot to share with us about coming from adversity, connecting the dots in life and trusting that everything happens for a reason. Highlights in their podcast conversation: 3:45     Mark tells us about the purpose of his podcast show, why he decided to launch it and the amazing benefits he gets from following his... read more

13: Flying Through the Transitions of Life with Paragliding Instructor Danielle Kinch

“Life Transitions are scary but everything in life worth fighting for is difficult and you have to go thru the pain and the heartache to get to the other side again. It’s all the trial and tribulations in life that help you to figure out who you are.” – Danielle Kinch The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #13 –  Paragliding Instructor Danielle Kinch On the road of life, with all of the peaks and valleys, twists and turns it can be challenging to navigate on our journey alone.  The important thing to remember is that we each have our own individual path and that no one’s road is flat or straight.  Throughout all transitions in life, those that find their way after having been lost would almost all agree that some of the most traumatizing events that happen in our lives are the best things that happen in our lives. Today’s guest on lucky number 13 of The Bucket List Life Podcast is an adventurous, courageous and powerful female force of nature.  She has been paragliding for the past 7 years and has travelled to 15 plus countries with the sport. With over 2,000 successful flights in her life and reaching the podium in competition, she now teaches 100’s of students as an Instructor at Torrey Pines Gliderport Flight School in La Jolla, California. She is a business savvy feminine tomboy that has lots to share about overcoming the curve balls of life. Highlights from their podcast conversation: 6:00     Danielle talks about growing up as a physical, courageous and typical tomboy and how she also embraces her femininity and... read more

12: Brand Your Passion with Entrepreneur Dave Collier

“Everyone has something unique to offer that they can do and materialize in their life.  Find your passion and follow it.” – Dave Collier The Bucket List Life Podcast #12 –  Entrepreneur Dave Collier The utopian idea of loving what you do and doing what you love seems almost a fantasy for some people.  For some of us struggling through a mundane work week that is unfulfilling and draining, it can be challenging to see the road to get to where you love Mondays again.  Today’s podcast episode # 12 of The Bucket List Life, is with an ex-Pro Snowboarder who decided to follow his passion and go down that scary road in pursuit of his dreams. Dave Collier took his fun experiences in life and designed a lifestyle brand around what he knows and loves. He is now a successful entrepreneur running a print shop called Ink Floyd out of Charlotte, North Carolina. His business endeavors have thrived because he was driven, focused and believed in what he was doing. He also has a great story behind his brand and he actively promotes his customers in social media.  Dave shares some great advice and insight  with Kenyon about how he turned his passion and his lifestyle into a successful brand and business. Highlights from their podcast conversation: 3:30     Kenyon wants to know how Dave typically starts his day.  Dave wakes up each and every morning with an “attitude of gratitude” and starts his day with a positive vibe right out of bed. 6:30     Dave talks about how he transitioned from skateboarding into snowboarding with his brother JJ back... read more

11: Your Guide To Love & Relationships with Evolved Economy Leader PK Smith

“Each and every one of us deserves to love and be loved.” – PK Smith The Bucket List Life Podcast #11 – Evolved Economy Leader PK Smith Todays guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast #11 is an expert in Co-creation and the Evolved Economy, Relationships, Leadership Mentoring and a devoted Founder of Impact Malawi, helping to make a real difference half way around the world.  As a Police Chaplin in Brockville, Ontario, PK Smith helps families grieve the loss of a loved one, officers cope with PTSD and married couples find the strength to stay together.  PK is well aware of the importance of having support and someone safe to talk to in stressful times in our lives.   Kenyon and PK know each other from their work together in the evolved economy and Kenyon boasts that PK’s energy is always happy, exuberant and infectious.  With a successful marriage to his college sweetheart of 31 years, PK has a lot of wisdom to share with us about finding true love, staying together in a relationship and making it work. Highlights from their podcast conversation: 2:45     PK takes us way back to his basketball dreams at the age of 9, in 1974, in southern Nova Scotia. 6:00  PK tells us why he is very passionate about supporting people of uniform and the Wounded Warriors Project. 7:30  PK is very proud to be Canadian and he shares his thoughts on the recent shootings at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. 12:45   Kenyon asks if it’s possible to always be happy?  PK responds by saying that happiness is too fleeting and is not... read more

10: Living A Life Less Ordinary with Adventurist Andrew Fraser

“While the unknown is scary, it’s so much more rewarding and satisfying in that we can discover things about ourselves that might otherwise be untapped and undiscovered if we always choose that path of least resistance and of promised security down the road.” – Andrew Fraser The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #10 – Adventurist Andrew Fraser We all have amazing lives and stories to share that are sure to motivate and inspire.  Although most of us may live ordinary lives, there is something extraordinary about each and every one of us.  For those, that have chosen to live a life less ordinary and take the road less travelled, the world is waiting to hear of their discoveries.   There is an abundance of adventure, experience, wisdom and knowledge to be gained on the other side of the unknown and our comfort zone. Todays guest on episode #10 of The Bucket List Life Podcast is no stranger to adventure.  He has chosen to live a life of traveling around the world, exciting adventure, constantly learning and following his heart. Andrew Fraser is a Youth Leader, a Public Speaker, a Teacher, a Yogi and an avid Skydiver and Wingsuit Pilot.  Kenyon met Andrew while they were skydiving a couple years ago and got to know each other very personally when Kenyon asked the question, “Tell me something not many people know about you?”.  Andrew’s response to that inquiry was genuine, authentic, enthralling and sparked a brotherly connection and understanding that is still strong today. Andrew’s life experiences are both mind boggling and horrific and as a proficient story teller he has... read more

9: Life Long Dream Ends In A Tragic Accident, Now What? With Dave Retzlaff

“After all of the challenges that I’ve been through, I’m really glad it all happened and it was the determining factor in the way I live my life today.” – Dave Retzlaff The Bucket List Life Podcast #9 – Dave Retzlaff No matter how goal oriented and driven by our dreams we may be, life has an amazing way of challenging us in a way that tests our courage and willingness to change.  The obstacles are there for a reason.  They show us just how badly we want something and how hard we are capable of pushing ourselves to achieve it.  It’s the obstacles in life that show us who we are to ourselves.  They give us the confidence and self worth to believe we can reach for the stars, climb the tallest mountains and fly through the sky. In episode # 9 of The Bucket List Life, Kenyon sits down with a new friend and fellow wing suit flyer, Dave Retzlaff and gets to know more about his life and amazing story of overcoming challenges and limitations.  With childhood dreams of becoming Michael Jordan and flying through the air, Dave shares his formidable journey that brought him to the cusp of a pro-basketball career, forced him to learn to walk again at the age of 25 and then led him to take flight in a wing suit and never look back. Highlights in their podcast conversation: 4:00     Dave takes us way back to when he was 5 years old and, inspired by his father, wanted to be a professional basketball player like Michael Jordan.  His very first success... read more

8: Fighting Ego vs Spirit with UFC Fighter Kajan Johnson

“Look back to your childhood, that is where you will find your true nature.  Approach your life with that energy.” – Kajan Johnson The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #8 –  UFC Fighter Kajan Johnson Most of us have never been in a serious fight in our lives, never mind know what it takes to make a living out of fighting.  How does someone choose the professional path of a warrior for a career?  Evolving from a teenage street fighter to a professional UFC Martial Artist is no small feat and definitely not a road many have the inner strength, determination and passion to achieve. In today’s podcast #8 of The Bucket List Life, Kenyon gets to know one of the best Lightweight MMA Fighters to come out of British Columbia.  Having made it thru to the semi-finals of TUF Nations Canada vs. Australia Ultimate Fighter Championship,  and just fought in the UFC 174 this past summer, “Rajin” Kajan Johnson has a great deal of wisdom to share about his fighting life and experience. At the age of only 30, Kajan breaks down the fundamentals of the fight vs. life analogy and shares with us how his training in martial arts has helped him to grow and evolve into the wise, conscious and loving spirit he is today. Highlights from their podcast conversation: 9:45    Kajan talks about how he started off fighting in NHB – No Holds Barred.  As a teenager with a smart mouth, he was a street scrapper long before he began training as a mixed martial artist. 13:50  Kenyon admits he’s never found himself in an... read more

7: Falling Down For A Living Leads To Success With Stuntwoman Lani Gelera

“I think my life would be very different today…had those things not happened. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today AND since I actually like that person a lot, I have to say that everything turned out perfectly and the way it was meant to.” – Lani Gelera The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #7 – Stuntwoman Lani Gelera Crash – Boom – Pow – Wham!  These are the sounds in written form on the big screen or in comic books of classic superheroes. Everyone in this life is a bit of a superhero because of the journey they have been through and trials & tribulations that have brought them to where they are today.  Podcast host Kenyon Salo from The Bucket List Life once again connects with someone he has met along his journey. His guest is the very beautiful and quite talented TV and feature film stunt woman Lani Gelera. The Bucket List Life Podcast Lucky Number 7 is an adventure of what it really means to get to know someone. Their meeting on Tinder may seem at first superficial, but the universe had other plans for them to share many hours of conversations, road trips and adventures together in the very short time they have been a part of each other’s lives.  You will learn about the deeper side of their friendship and how life is not always what it seems and that each of us has had struggles in our life that have made us exactly who we are.  This conversation is filled with good times, tough times, insightful thoughts and desires to... read more

6: The Story We Tell Ourselves Determines Our Life with Giles Fabris

“It’s not what happens to us that determines our life.  It’s the story we tell ourselves about what happens to us that determines our life.” – Giles Fabris The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #6 – Giles Fabris Our perception of the world around us is entirely the result of the attitude and emotions that we choose to feel at the time or reflect on.  In all of our unique and individual experiences, we have the choice of how to react or respond to each situation. We have the choice to let our challenges destroy us or to find the lesson and to grow each and every day.  We have the choice to start remembering the events in our life in a new light and to start telling ourselves a better story. Everyday we are writing a script for our own full length movie. Our next guest, in The Bucket List Life Podcast episode #6, is the master author of his own positive and inspiring life script. Giles Fabris is an avid Adventurer who embodies The Bucket List Lifestyle. Once a British National Champion Skydiver and now an accomplished Paraglider with over 700 flights, Giles really knows how to embrace life in the moment.  After facing the life threatening experience of being held hostage at gunpoint, and the challenging road to recovery after breaking his back in a car accident, he chooses to see the silver linings in his life and chapter after chapter, he writes his own best seller. Highlights of their podcast conversation: 6:30     Giles recognizes that when you truly feel drawn to manifest something in your... read more

5: Laughing Through Life with Comedian Ron Ferguson

“If you can get out there and do even just a little of what you love everyday, your life will be exponentially enriched!” – Ron Ferguson The Bucket List Life Podcast #5 – Ron Ferguson When we laugh we are letting go of stress and pain, building our immune system and resolving conflict in our lives.  Laughter is powerful and contagious and when we share it we create intimacy, bonds and friendships.  The ability to make others laugh is every bit a gift as it is a skill and talent.  Today on The Bucket List Life we are so excited to share some big laughs and funny stories with an up and coming Comedy Club Headliner and Kenyon’s comedic mentor and skydiving friend, Ron Ferguson. Ron has been making people laugh his entire life but stepped onto the comedy stage at the age of 26 in 2001, at the famous Denver Comedy Works.   With over 1,000 skydives, Ron decided to combine his two passions and record his hilarious act while under a canopy at 12,000 feet.  The result was his rip roaring funny Youtube video series, Canopy Comedy.  Coming from a humble background and working his way to the top, Ron really knows the power of comedy and how to make a crowd laugh.  Above all Ron understands the importance of pursuing your dreams and supporting those around you in pursuit of theirs. When you can laugh out loud every day and do even just a little of the things you love, you are living The Bucket List Life. Highlights from their podcast conversation: 4:30     Ron reminisces about way... read more

4: Achieving Balance in Your Life with Highliner Josh Beaudoin

“If you put patience, practice and passion into anything, you will be good at it.”  The Bucket List Life Podcast Ep. #4 –   Josh Beaudoin Slacklining is the sport of balancing on a length of webbing strung up between two anchor points.  There are many different aspects to slacklining and as the sport develops, the number of different skills and ways you can challenge yourself on the slack line expand as well. The overall idea, for those of us that are unfamiliar to the sport, is to clear your mind, find your stillness and control within, breathe, overcome your fear and concentrate on being present and taking one step forward at a time.  Slacklining is the perfect metaphor for life, The Bucket List Life. In this fourth episode of The Bucket List Life Podcast, Kenyon is taking life metaphors to a whole new level.  The parallels between practicing the sport of Slacklining and living The Bucket List Life are profound and insightful.  This podcast is going to get you all fired up about learning to walk all over again.  Kenyon is excited to introduce you to one of the masters in the world of Slacklining.  In today’s podcast, Kenyon walks the line with his good friend and slack mentor, Josh Beaudoin. Having grown up in the last frontier of Wasilla, Alaska, till he was 20 years old, Josh was constantly surrounded by freedom, wide open spaces and an abundance of wildlife in the natural environment.  To say the least, Josh is a down to earth, fully grounded and connected individual with an open mind and heart.  His masterful... read more

3: Surviving The Trenches in Life with Army Ranger Zach Carbo

“Do, or do not.  There is no try.  If you really want to do something in your life, you will find a way, no excuses.” – Zach Carbo The Bucket List Life Podcast #3 – Zach Carbo You know those kinds of people that like to get outside and take on challenges that will induce a heart attack for the average person?  The kind of person that is always pushing themselves and constantly redefining their personal limits? The type of person that is uncomfortable and restless in their comfort zone? With an attitude of “can do”, this is the kind of person that inspires us by showing, not telling, what happens when you are truly living your life guided by your passion and driven to fulfill your dreams.  This is the kind of person the lives The Bucket List Life. This is the third episode of The Bucket List Life Podcast and the guests on these podcasts are often ordinary everyday people you would meet at the grocery store that have lived extraordinary lives.  They all have the most amazing stories to tell that almost everyone can relate to on some level.  Stories that have a deep and meaningful impact and lesson to share.  Today Kenyon is excited to talk with a relatively new friend but instantaneous brother in flight and forever in life, Zach Carbo. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Zach is an avid outdoor adventurist, extreme athlete and active Sergeant in the US Military.  Among his many favorite past times, Zach likes to skydive, BASE jump, speedfly, ski, mountaineer, trail run, SUP and spend time with his... read more

2: Answers to Time, Location and Financial Freedom with Michael O’Neal

“To live The Bucket List Life is to seize opportunities when they are right in front of you!” – Michael O’Neal The Bucket List Life Podcast Ep. #2 – Michael O’Neal It’s a popular belief that everyone comes into our lives to inspire us, help us or teach us something we need to move forward. It’s always entertaining and heartwarming to hear stories of how people manifest in each others lives in perfect timing. And to hear these two driven, successful and passionate buddies talk about life’s synchronicity and how everything really does happen for a reason, is pure inspiration. In this second episode of The Bucket List Life Podcast, Kenyon chats with a dear friend and fellow entrepreneur, Michael O’Neal.  Michael is a leader in the field of business and entertainment podcasting and is the founder and host of the extremely successful Solopreneur Hour.  With over 2 million downloads, in under 13 months, in over 167 countries around the world, Michael really has figured out the secret podcasting formula, while being nominated for the award of Best New Show in 2013. Originally from Ohio, Michael moved around the country extensively after high school and became a web designer for 15 years.  After a few other brief jobs, Michael declared himself officially “unemployable” in 2005 and has been an entrepreneur ever since. After the devastating passing of both his parents within a year in 2007, Michael was levelled both emotionally and financially. Everyone who has ever tried to start their life over, pick themselves up off the ground and build something from nothing knows that opportunity is everything.  He... read more

1: Three of Nine Lives Used With BASE Jumper Jimmy Pouchert

“It’s ok to regret the things in life that you have done, but don’t look back and regret the things you haven’t done.  Go out and do them now!” – Jimmy Pouchert The Bucket List Life Podcast #1 – Jimmy Pouchert What kind of thoughts or visions pop into your head when you hear someone talk about BASE Jumping? (BASE is an acronym that stands for Building, Antenna, Span or Earth) Unless you have experience in the sport, you can only imagine what it might be like to hurl yourself off an object, free fall for what must feel like an eternity and then miraculously save your own life by pulling your single parachute only seconds from hitting the ground.  But how many of us actually think about the process involved in becoming a BASE Jumper?  Do we all consider the hundreds of sky dives required for the experience, the skill, the technique and the equipment involved in a BASE Jump?  And what is there to be said about the courage and mindset of a person that is passionate about this adrenaline pumping and deadly sport? On the premiere episode of The Bucket List Life Podcast, Founder and Checklist Destroyer, Kenyon Salo, dives right into the topic of BASE Jumping and along with his very first podcast guest, answers all of these questions and more. Throughout Kenyon’s amazing life of extreme sports, travel and adventure, he has met and befriended some of the most extraordinary individuals that truly embody the Bucket List Lifestyle.  In todays podcast, Kenyon has the pleasure of sharing, with all of you, a casual conversation... read more
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