“It’s not what happens to us that determines our life.  It’s the story we tell ourselves about what happens to us that determines our life.” – Giles Fabris

The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #6 – Giles Fabris


Our perception of the world around us is entirely the result of the attitude and emotions that we choose to feel at the time or reflect on.  In all of our unique and individual experiences, we have the choice of how to react or respond to each situation. We have the choice to let our challenges destroy us or to find the lesson and to grow each and every day.  We have the choice to start remembering the events in our life in a new light and to start telling ourselves a better story. Everyday we are writing a script for our own full length movie.

Our next guest, in The Bucket List Life Podcast episode #6, is the master author of his own positive and inspiring life script. Giles Fabris is an avid Adventurer who embodies The Bucket List Lifestyle. Once a British National Champion Skydiver and now an accomplished Paraglider with over 700 flights, Giles really knows how to embrace life in the moment.  After facing the life threatening experience of being held hostage at gunpoint, and the challenging road to recovery after breaking his back in a car accident, he chooses to see the silver linings in his life and chapter after chapter, he writes his own best seller.

Highlights of their podcast conversation:

6:30     Giles recognizes that when you truly feel drawn to manifest something in your life it helps to research and find out as much as you possibly can about that thing.  “Get your goals in front of you every single day.

20:15   With over 9,000 skydives, Giles shares the story of the car accident that ended his skydiving career.  With a broken back and long road to recovery, Giles found the inspiration for his next amazing adventure while lying in bed, in recovery at the hospital.  He chose to stay positive, be grateful for what he had and start writing the next chapter of his life, which led him to move to America and paragliding.

29:30   After discussing how people that experience a similar situation can choose to react to that situation in completely different ways, Giles shares the extraordinary story of the time he was kidnapped, held hostage at gunpoint and managed to escape.  He acknowledges that we are all human, all the same and we have the same choice to tell ourselves a positive story about our experience or a negative one.  “Life is too short.  We haven’t got time for the BS story.  Make a choice to tell yourself a better story!

40:00   We shouldn’t have to wait for a traumatic life threatening or altering experience for us to grasp life fully.  Giles recommends the following five life rules:

1) Make the time to spend at least 1 hour a day doing something you passionately love.

2) Make the choice to start telling yourself a better story! Rewrite your script if you have to.

3) Surround yourself with good loving and supportive people.

4) Life is short and precious.  The older we get the faster it goes.  Embrace it today!

5) Be cool!  …. go back to #1 and repeat.

49:00   Giles shares his bucket list item:  to race a motorcycle 260mph on the Bonneville Salt Flatts, and to take Kenyon scuba diving.

53:25   After wishing the world well, Giles leaves us with the thought that we are all similar, we are all human and we all have the same choices in life.  Choose to be positive and tell yourself a good story.

So many awesome nuggets of wisdom, inspiring stories and life changing take aways from this Bucket List Life podcast.  The overall message being that everyday we choose how we want to experience our lives. If you are unhappy with any area of your life, be mindful of your internal dialogue and make the choice to start telling yourself a different more positive story. Choose to embrace the The Bucket List Lifestyle story, full of positive life lessons, amazing adventure and unlimited opportunity.

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