“I know that one person that I help is going to be a ripple of hope for another person and that other person will also be a ripple of hope.”– Victoria Melchor

The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #56 – Victoria Melchor

Podcast #56- Victoria Melchor

Transformational Coach Victoria Melchor

Our next guest on episode #56 The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo is Victoria Melchor. After receiving bad medical news, Victoria looked inside for answers, which led her to what she calls “Living life from the inside out.” She has learned to take charge of her life and live a life that she loves. First she was determined she would have the perfect morning, which led to the perfect day and from there she learned she could have a perfect life. Victoria focuses on Transformational and Mindset coaching and helps others live the life they desire by connecting and removing the mental and emotional blocks that are holding them back. She is close to finishing her first book, an autobiography, about what she has learned through travel and introspection of her day-to-day life.

Highlights of their podcast conversation:

3:30  We learn that Victoria’s mother and grandmother both had breast cancer. She doesn’t, but testing showed that she is genetically predisposed and has the gene. This means that there is a much, much higher risk of  her contracting this disease in her life time, than the average woman. It felt like a death sentence to Victoria. She was understandably devastated by this news and while visiting her oncologist she was told that what she had been given was not a death sentence but a life sentence. “That really changed a lot of things for me.”

7:35  Victoria admits that she was just going through the motions, not even alive, she was “just a zombie”. She would go to work, walk the dog, go home, watch TV and do it all again the next day. Being a “big neuro-coaching nerd” she attended a training session and one of the exercises asked “How do you live your perfect day?” She learned she had to take over and make it all happen herself.

10:45  Victoria tells us that many of us suffer from ‘Death Anxiety’. She tells us about watching a documentary about cancer patients and though they were dying “There can be a sense of peace and satisfaction knowing you are mortal.” Even if you don’t know when it’s going to happen you have to kinda ”Carpe Diem”, live your life now because you never know when this is going to happen and you have to make the most of every single moment.”

14:05  Victoria explains her definition of  “Living life from the inside out.” She asks herself why should she live by what everyone on the outside is telling her? She decides she should live by what “the me inside” is telling her. ‘Living life on the inside out’ “means to really develop a sense of who you are based on how you feel moment-to-moment and who you want to be…” Are you doing everything in your life because it is expected of you? We must realize that we can create what we want – happiness, joy, we are even creating our sadness and bad feelings about ourselves but we are letting the outside world dictate it.

16:35  In learning to define that “perfect morning”, Victoria finds that we need to be intentional about how we want to experience our lives. Part of being perfect is being imperfect and being OK with that.

19:25  Victoria never thought about being of service, then all of a sudden she felt like giving. She gets such incredible joy from helping. After a coaching call with one of her clients she said “I know that one person that I help is going to be a ripple of hope for another person and that other person will also be a ripple of hope.”

21:55  Why does Victoria say that our minds are like a computer which we give instructions to? Why do we have to be very purposeful regarding the kind of instruction we give it?

27:00  Victoria has always loved to write. When she decided to write her book she broke down what she needed to do, gave herself a timeline and sat down at the computer. She is currently at 40,000 words.

35:25  Being a constant planner Kenyon asks if she has her whole life planned out. “As much as you can make things like that happen…” Victoria shares with us. There is still an element of uncertainly that she is still learning to be more comfortable with.

36:55  What are some items on Victoria’s bucket list? She is looking forward to taking a trip to Peru with her boyfriend this year. Another item, “I want to see Orca whales in the wild.” Seeing these majestic animals in real life is a big goal for her.

37:50   What thought would Victoria like to leave with us? “I’d like to invite you to think about waking up. Going through life and going through the daily motions, I get it. All it takes is setting an intention…becoming a vessel for that intention…and actually do that.” The more you do the easier it becomes. Soon you will be experiencing what you want to be experiencing in your life.

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