“To have a truly good life you have to take good care of yourself and you have to help others in need when you can.” – Jeff Rasley

The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #55 – Philanthro-Trekker & Author Jeff Rasley

Podcast #55 - Jeff Rasley

Philanthro-Trekker & Author Jeff Rasley

Jeff Rasley, our next guest on episode #55 of The Bucket List Life Podcast with Kenyon Salo, made the leap from his career, a very successful 30 years as an attorney with his own practice, to a satisfying non-profit endeavor at age 55. He is the president of one foundation and serves on the board of five other nonprofit organizations. In his forties a midlife crisis started to rise to the surface and his very supportive wife suggested he go trekking in the Himalayas. As a result of the lessons learned from that journey, Jeff  has written 40+ articles and 8 books about combining adventure with philanthropy (he calls it ‘philanthro-trekking’) and what it takes to live a meaningful life. He also teaches classes on the culture of Nepal, living a meaningful life and philanthropy at Butler University.

Highlights of their podcast conversation:

4:05  Jeff  practiced law for 30 years. He had a general practice because he wanted to be of assistance and do what ever his clients needed. There was a sense of fulfillment for a while as a legal crusader. He went into corporate law and opened his own law firm but he had believed from an early age “life should be an adventure.”

8:05  Jeff felt agitation and unhappiness. On the surface he had a great life but he felt internal discontent. At 40 his wife told him “to go take a hike on the other side of the world.” He had never done a trek in his life, adventure hiking but not this.

13:40  When Jeff made his trek in Nepal he found that he really became interested in the culture of Nepal and especially the high mountain village culture. “I realized I wanted to do more with that country and with those people than just enjoy the scenery.” Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, the average income per day is $1.50 Sir Edmund Hillary described the Sherpa people as “the strongest and kindest people he ever knew.”  Jeff agreed and wanted to help.

15:45  Jeff is on the board of various nonprofits that have to do with education. One is Scientech Foundations which provides scholarships for science stem education in the Midwest; the next is Phi Beta Kappa who provides scholarships for liberal arts studies; the others are clubs like the YMCA, Scientech Clubs and the nonprofit he started is called The Basa Village Foundation USA and The Basa Village Foundation Nepal. These foundations have been so successful they are expanding to help other villages in Nepal.

18:30  Jeff likes to fill his life with many endeavours. He has written eight books, lots of articles, helped newbie writers, and teaches a class on philanthropy. The last book he wrote is about developing a whole approach to life both as an individual and a member of communities. Jeff’s philosophy is “To have a truly good life you have to take good care of yourself and you have to help others in need when you can.”

23:00  We hear how Jeff programmatically went from successful attorney to writer, to adventurer to philanthropist and the steps he took to get there.

25:50  ‘Philanthro-trekking’ means “Combining travel with philanthropy” says Jeff. He hopes by the end of the year he will be able to step down from the presidency of The Basa Village Foundation. “I need to step back and let others take over leadership.” People have to be willing to give time, energy and money to keep a nonprofit going. “Everyday people have to be giving and what they are getting back is satisfaction.”

32:05  Jeffrey teaches classes at Butler University and says “Something I found is this millennial generation is that many of these young people have a real generous spirit.” According to him this generation is very kind, they have a broader more cosmopolitan accepting view of the world, with other cultures and other races and they have much more of an acceptance of differences.

33:45  What is something on Jeff’s bucket list? Though he feels really good about the travel and exploration he has done in his life thus far, a friend called and invited him to trek to Rawal, another part of Nepal, in the fall of 2016. He also intends to enrich his life by participating in what ever gives his life meaning as he gets older.

37:25  What food for thought would Jeff like to leave the listeners? He would like to encourage us to consider how we might develop further our own sense of living a good life – taking good care of ourselves, helping those that we encounter along the way and being generous, “then life itself becomes a philanthro-trek.”

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