“Just say yes and things will happen and you will meet the most wonderful people.” – Jonathan Martin

The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #41 – Jonathan Martin

#41-Jonathan Martin-FP

Experience Creator – Jonathan Martin

8 months ago when two adventurers said “yes” to meeting each other at the behest of their mutual friend, Giles Fabris, for a tandem trike flight and an exhilarating leap from 5,000 feet, a new friendship was born.

In episode #41 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo we meet Skydiver, Tour Manager, Ultralight Pilot, motorcycle enthusiast, and adventurer Jonathan Martin. Taking advantage of every opportunity, Jonathan says “yes” to the adventure around every corner and always tries to live life to the fullest.


Highlights of their podcast conversation:

3:00   We hear in detail of the “magical” morning when Jonathan and Kenyon meet in the middle of the desert outside of San Diego, Kenyon in his wing suit and skydiving rig and Jonathan with his three-wheeled, tandem, Ultralight with a rear pusher engine.

5:00  Jonathan shares the story of the day he hears what sounds like a giant “weed whacker” near his desert home. How when he looks up and sees two trikes (Ultralights with three wheels) flying 700 feet above his house, he decides right then and there he has to do this. He gets on his bike, chases them to where the Ultralights land in a dry river bed about 10 miles away and says “Take me for a ride!”

7:00   Jonathan opens up about his life and we learn of his beautiful wife Shelly and how he lost her to Cystic Fibrosis. How it was truly love at first sight and even though she tells him she doesn’t have long to live he says “yes” to the love of his life and the rare and precious time they had together and how he “just rolls with it.” We learn how this experience and the loss of his brother motivate him to cut loose and seek “adventurous things” as therapy and distraction.

12:30   Jonathan dedicates his time on this podcast show to his friend Jorge Cano, who passed away at 39, on New Years Eve of a brain aneurysm. “I don’t want to sound dark, but you don’t ever know, so try to do your best to live every day…, hold the door for somebody and you never know who you are going to meet.”

18:00   We learn about Jonathon’s love of motorcycles and how and why a Yamaha V-Max ‘spoke’ to him from the side of the road.

25:30   Jonathan tells us about “Control-Alt-Delete” and finding what ever it takes to get you to that moment of clarity. That thing, such as skydiving, base jumping, motorcycle riding that “gets you to put aside your troubles and reset your brain….I love the bucket list because it gets people out there trying something they may never have tried or were afraid to try” and how it helps you to put aside your problems.

31:15  We find out how caring people helped Jonathan along the way to achieve his adventures and how he loves being on the “other side” and to help others achieve their dreams. “Those on the other side, instructors, tandem masters, get just as much enjoyment” from seeing the joy others experience. It’s about sharing life’s experiences, which is one of our goals at The Bucket List Life.

40:00   Jonathan shares a great story about getting to know Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. while managing set construction for ‘What Dreams May Come’. What a wonderful guy Robin truly was and how he found a way to give his $6,000 ‘lunch penalty’ to the crew.

45:00    Jonathan reiterates that the reason he has these stories and experiences “like skydiving, flying a trike, motorcycling, working on film sets or flying hot air balloons is because you just say ’yes’ if the opportunities come to you. You just say yes.”

50:00   What are some of the things on Jonathan’s bucket list he is most excited about? He has 2 more states to visit in the US and he will have seen them all. He wants to visit New Zealand and he vows to be “nicer everyday and meet more amazing people.” Another goal is to head out to the Bonneville Salt Flats with an old friend and “watch people go really, really fast” and see what crazy contraption he might be able to come up with.

52:00   What thoughts would Jonathan like to leave with our listeners? “Just go out and do it. It doesn’t have to be jumping out of a plane, it could be doing that first ½ Marathon, just do it! Life is too short. It is very short but it can be very full!” Simply profound.

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