“Write the book you want to write about your life that you thought you would write when you were a kid.” – Mike Spivey

The Bucket List Life Podcast #20 – Career Consultant Mike Spivey

Career Consultant Mike Spivey Podcast #20

Career Consultant Mike Spivey

Fulfilling our childhood aspirations and following our dreams in life can be more challenging as we grow into adulthood. There is an art to goal setting, staying motivated to pursue our passions and not settling for less than our true desire. Our next, in house guest on The Bucket List Life Podcast episode #20 has mastered this art from a very early age.

Mike Spivey is a featured speaker, published writer, guest blogger, guest podcaster and invited consultant on legal education administration. He was Dean of Admissions at Law Schools while at Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, and The University of Colorado. As founder of Spivey Consulting Firm, Mike has studied goals and how to achieve them his whole life. He has some very wise insight and advice to offer about following your passion and never settling in life.

Highlights of their conversation:

3:30 Mike explains why he has such a comprehensive understanding of achieving goals and why he was always chosen as a team captain in high school.

5:00 Mike gives us the breakdown on setting effective attainable goals with an example of one of his own personal goals in running races. Sometimes being general in our goal setting, like we were as a children, is more effective than being specific.

12:30 Mike talks about how the adult world breeds settling and insecurities from our failures.

13:30 Mike brings up the interesting comparison and differences between asking a 10 year old, a 19 year old, and 40 year old about their life aspirations and goals. Mike defines the etymology of the adult word ‘settling’ and how we stop doing it.

19:30 Mike discusses a couple powerful examples of those who where determined and did not settle in life when they faced numerous challenges in pursuit of their aspirations. Steve Jobs and Abraham Lincoln. Re: Lincoln, Aside from all of his many failures, he couldn’t have been anything else, “He had to be President, because he had an aspiration and didn’t let life, and disappointment beat him down.”

24:45 Mike brings up another analogy in the incredible movie about Rudy. Against all the odds thru persistence and dedication to accomplish his goals despite constant rejection and failure.

28:00 Kenyon asks Mike, as a kid, what was it that he wanted to do? Mike’s dreams always involved being the best at something, which involved constantly challenging other around him that were better.

30:15 When Mike was 10 years old, not only did he write his own ‘Choose your own adventure’ book, but he also created his own publishing company.

34:10 Mike talks about all the dissonance that college creates for many students and gives a personal example from his college experience.

35:00 As the founder of Spivey Consulting Firm, Mike describes the four main functions of the consulting firm:

  1. Helping hundreds of people a year go through the admissions process to get into the Law School they desire,
  2. consulting to improve Law Schools overall,
  3. helping people find careers after their schooling is complete,
  4. and they also speak at hundreds of colleges about ‘Not Settling’, Motivation, Goals and How to Get into Law School.

36:30 Mikes talks about how sincerity sells in the admission process and how he could spot it very quickly when reviewing admissions applications as Dean of Admissions at 3 high level universities.

39:00 In the Law School Admissions process, as in life, the way you get admit or anything you want is by differentiating yourself from others. Number one thing you can do to differentiate yourself is talk about something you are genuinely passionate about.

40:30 Mike discusses how habituation and insecurities can get in the way of following your passion in life. He says that when you are following your passion you are truly in the flow of life and his company has grown and thrived because of it.

43:30 Kenyon asks Mike, What are the three things we can do to make a change and start following our passion today?

  1. Don’t worry about failing. The most successful people have failed the most times.
  2. Take care of yourself first, then help others. “If we all swept our own porches, the world would be a pretty place.” – Nietzsche
  3. Don’t get insecure but always ‘worst case scenario’ things.

48:30 Mike defines the difference between having doubts and having insecurities.

50:30 Mike shares a great story and analogy about ‘Breaking the Sound Barrier’ and moving forward in life pushing past the uncomfortable stage of transition. “Push forward as an adult when things get bumpy in life, don’t pull back. Write the book you want to write about your life that you thought you would write when you were a kid.”

Thank you so much Mike, for sharing your insight, wisdom and advice about goal setting, not settling and following your passion. That wraps up episode #20 of The Bucket List Life Podcast. Please remember to RATE and REVIEW on iTunes and also FOLLOW us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to join our Team Bucket List and contribute to making the world a better place. Until next time, be amazing, be wonderful and be passionate!

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